July 11th
Wells Fargo Training Room
Attending: Juliana, William, Stasi, Johan, Anna, Sifrid, Sofya, Gobban, Gida

She was finally able to do the Kingdom A&S Event Report because she finally got the invoice for the port-a-pots.
Grossed 770 (site fees, electrical hookup, NMS) + 545 inn donation. Expended 74 + 500 + 20 electrical + 75 NMS + 50 eq. 300-some food. So we have $225 dollars profit, maybe. William moves that we donate $300 to Kingdom. Seconded. Motion carried.

We have nets, arrows, bows, and lots of events coming so not a lot of practices planned right now.
Fighting (Johan):
No practices in the heat for now. Gregorii got all the Fighter Marshal stuff done and just needs to finish the paperwork.

Web Minister:
Email updates. Check the Officers and Members pages and make sure I have everything correct for you.
The Yahoo! calendar is experiencing technical difficulties as they are updated to a better (?) system.

Anna has a few months to get her re-submission ready to get the fee waived.
Gobban (Justin) has a device designed and on the Shire webpage already, along with Wolfgang's new design.

The latest issue of the Parade is ready. The next one is to be published the first weekend in October.
We got the Cross and Compass flyer into the Mews in time. The deadline is supposed to be changing again.

We're going to need a full day for the silk painting. Juliana found perfect little bottles for the resist at Hobby Lobby.

National Night out is the first Tuesday of August again, starting at 5 o'clock. Johan would be late. Sofya will be late. Stasi will be there. Juliana will be there. Not sure about fighters.

Cross and Compass:
Silfren Mere is still putting things together. Stasi is planning on doing Inn and we'll be funding it, etc. Anna and Sifrid are planning to help her.
We should verify that we can get on-site on Thursday (and can get the key). William will try to get to their next meeting.
Our Majesties will be at Regional Fighter practice instead.