Wells Fargo Training Room
25 July 2012
Attending: Juliana, William, Johan, Anna, Gida, Sifrid, Sofya
Anna officially takes possession of the Exchequer boxes from Gida as our new Exchequer.
Cross and Compass:

William is co-autocrat.
Parm is to be Heavy Fighting MIC. Looking for hay bales.
Juliana is running Archer, doesn't need bales.
Esther is Chirurgeon in Charge

Stasi and Anna are doing Inn.
Anplica is coordinating classes.
Aletheia is Youth MIC (and could use help)

Their goose game may not be ready by then, so would like ours to be available.
They're looking for volunteers to sit Troll (Troll to be inside).

Her Highness Northshield would like a Princess Prowess tourney challenge for equest. and arch.
His Majesty and Her Highness at least are coming.

No site tokens.
No feast unless someone from the Hill would like to do it - maybe something like the Harp did (free will donation?) vs. stone soup. Sifrid and Gida are doing it. William to bake some bread. So we need to publish that there's no $7 feast.

Johan has to work.
Gregorii is presumably helping Parm.
Antonia... Iames... Jute... Gobban... Becky...

And don't forget that August 7th is National Night Out.
Johan can probably be there. Anna will try - mandatory overtime. No Heinrich, no Berndt. Iames? Gregorii?