12 September 2012
Wells Fargo Training Room
Attending: Gobban, Stasi, Juliana, William, Anna, Brigida, Sifrid, Sofya

We have bows and arrows. Everyone at Kings Company had a good time.
The archery at Cross and Compass went well.

Fighter Marshal:

Not present.

The consult table at Cross and Compass went well.

Web Minister:
Would be nice to have recipes for the pasta bake, noodle Chicken a la Stasi, pizza runzas on the wikispace.

The next issue of the Mews will be published October 7th, so he would like articles before the end of September.

There is a fitness writer who ran into us at National Night Out who is really interested in us and the athletic aspects of our activities for his on-line magazine - FitnessDigest.us. Juliana could use leads on appropriate YouTube videos.

The MacNider Art Museum is having a festival with a vaguely medieval theme, but it's on the first weekend of Lilies.

Cross and Compass Wrap-up/Next Year Prep:
Charge less for site. Non-feast worked great. The Equestrians had a great time.
Inn had $174 profit. We haven't heard about official attendance and event fund.
Planning to keep the same weekend - recommend getting on the fairgrounds calendar ASAP.
The theme is the Battle of Crecy.
Stasi is thinking about doing feast.