8 May 2013
Well Fargo Training Room, Mason City, IA
Attending: Gobban, Juliana, William, Johan, Anna, Sifrid, Sofya, Stasi.

Archery (William/Juliana):
We have bows, arrows and new throwing butts and targets.

Fighting (Johan):
No activity.

Exchequer (Anna):
We vote to re-imburse Julianna for the book for Hampton School.
We have a healthy account balance.
We agree to let Anna borrow the coffee pot for Heinrich's graduation party.

Herald (Sofya):
Gobban's name and device are at Laurel.

Web Minister (Sofya):
I've started the planning page for Lilies 2013. I'll put up the even website as soon as we have more info finalized.

Chatelaine (Juliana):
Hampton demo is coming up. Johan is going and he'll try to contact Uhtred and Iames. Gregorii is hoping. Stasi and Jute is going. Julianna got a book to give the school. Start time 1:30 pm.

Chronicler (Sifrid):
The next issue is due in July. He just found out that all Chroniclers are supposed to have a deputy, so Sifrid will be calling Sofya the deputy.

Seneschal (Juliana):
Seneschals have to have background checks now, addition to the MoY. But the reports got a lot easier.
And all participants in demos are supposed to sign waivers or have blue cards including Chirurgeons.

Cross & Compass (William):
So far there isn't anyone stepping up to co-autocrat. They'll discuss the event further at their June meeting.
Seamus is doing archery.

Lilies (Sofya):
Tentative meal plan set.

Not present.