26 June 2013
Well Fargo Training Room, Mason City, IA
Attending: Jute, Gwynhyvar, Gobban, Juliana, William, Anna, Brigida, Sofya, Sifrid

Jute has been approved by Murdock (Kingdom Seneschal), and is in the process of getting her background check.

The check for our share of the profits from C&C was hard to read and so it was cashed (!) for 90-some dollars, except it was supposed to be for 50-some dollars and Silfren Mere only just caught it. So we vote to send them them the 40-some dollar check to fix it.

Cross & Compass:
If Gregorii can't be the Fighter MIC, William will post to the Marshal list.
Will check with Lady Apple and Coeur d'Ennui for MoY help. Gwynhwyvar aggrees to assist.
William plans to use Green Canopy and Jendro for sanitation.
We've started the arrangements for Equestrian Insurance (and vote to approve the cost).
We need to find out when we need the deposit (and verify the amount).
We vote for Juliana to have about $300 for inn budget.
We vote for William and Juliana to have up to $75-100 for site/feast tokens.

Don't forget to write your articles.

We've been invited to National Night Out again, the 6th of August