10 July 2013
Well Fargo Training Room, Mason City, IA
Attending: Juliana, William, Brigida, Anastasia, Sifrid, Sofya, Kirt, Antonia, Gobban

We have arrows, bows, netting, etc.

No officer.

National Night Out is Tuesday, August 6th, set-up at 4:30pm. Our 6th year!!

Not present

Gobban's name passed, device is re-designed and being prepared for re-submission.
Gregorii's name and device paperwork was turned in.

Web Minister:
We have an event web site.

Needs articles. Kingdom wants a "fruit truck"/drop dead deputy plan.

She's going to Pennsic, so she'll miss this month's A&S meeting. Lots of people are up to lots of things.

Cross & Compass:
Website is up.
Still looking for a fighter marshal - no response from our usual suspects, yet. Berndt can help, but he's not a Marshal anymore.
He's been putting our feelers for a Youth coordinator. Green Canopy has been confirmed for port-a-potties.
A&S Competitions "Arrow in Any Medium" and "Show and Tell" - Please bring something cool you have made, but haven't entered in a competition before so we can all admire it
Dumpsters would be $76 for a 4 cu yd from Jendro. William is checking a couple other places.
Our Mews flier was sent.
Our Equestrian Insurance paperwork has been taken care of.
There will be a Silent Auction Kingdom Fundraiser - so be thinking of stuff to donate. Send Sofya pictures of things.
Juliana busy with making the site tokens (A&S bags as backup in case we run out). William doing feast tokens.
Inn will be the same as usual.
Stasi is working on the feast menu. 60 seats. Should have an updated restaurant list in case we sell out... other options?
Broken Harp planning to come.
Merchants: Grayce snoods and beads, Izzy...