11 September 2013
Well Fargo Training Room, Mason City, IA
Attending: Terri, Brigida, Eve, Gobban, Juliana, William, Stasi, Sofya, Sifrid, Kurt

Jutte out of town, Juliana conducting meeting in her absence

We got a new Boga Hirth at "Queen's" Company of Archers! The Shire did well for themselves - Johan won his section. Gida got 4th in crossbow, Goban was in the top 10.

Juliana is finally "official" for Chatelaine.

not present

not present

Next meeting pre-sewing prep (vs hood class).
Sewing Party October 5th, 10am start. Gida to get the key from Sharon.

No new registrations. Two new lords (Hans, Gobban), a new Torse (William) and a new Boga Fyrd (Juliana)!

Web Minister:
We have renewed the web site hosting and domain name for 3 more years.
Need new officers to sign their "permission to publish contact info on-line" forms.
Event website with preliminary updates. Sifrid's photos downloaded to Flickr.
Yahoo! groups has a new format. Randomly assigned "cover photo" is a gorgeous Chinese dragon.
Eve has some good pictures in her Bristol group.

The deadline for the next Parade is.... now! Event reports, include Autumn Arrows if possible. Photos.

Cross & Compass:
We got the port-a-pots for $40 each instead of $60 and no delivery charge!
County Extension hasn't cashed our check yet.
We got 81 lb of food to donate plus $25.
So far, we're looking at a $50 profit, tentatively. (Not including the $40 we saved on port-a-pots?)