8 January 2014
Wells Fargo Training Room, Mason City, IA
Attending: Gobban, Gwynhwyvar, Brigida, Berndt, Juliana, William, Kirke, Theodora, Jute, Sofya, Sifrid

event planning

not present

not present, Gregorii is hesitant due to his work schedule

nothing new, still working on the February winter shoot, toward the end of the month

Project night/research for this month's meeting

*insert yelling here* Articles due.

We have names and devices

Web Minister:
We have webpages and wikis

Going to contact Kevin about the Hampton demo, she's still looking to be re-imbursed for the book from last year

Christmas Party:
At Gida's, February 8th, the usual set-up - pot-luck, $10 gifts

Event Planning:
Name: Harpies & Hillians X
Site: confirmed fairgrounds for Thur-Sun, 4H contacted and they will discuss use of their stuff
Date confirmed with the Kingdom Reeve, this will be third year with this date!
Co-autocrat: Sofya
Feast: Stasi - maybe be relatively informal
Troll - Anna?
Hall: Antonia
Archery - William
Fighter - Gregorii iffy b/c of work, Hugh has been contacted
Youth - Izzy, Gwynhwyvar to assist, harpy activities
Equestrian - Kaie has been contacted
Chirurgeon - will contact Esther
Inn - can we get a deputy for Juliana? Theodora,
List - Gida?
Royal Liason - Sifrid, Sofya to do fancy invitations?
Sanitation - researching options for garbage (Jendro - vote permission to set that up) and port-a-potties (Green Canopy?)
Vincent - site tokens with be Harp relics, checking with Wylde Nept - would need a fundraiser or post-revel fee?,