12 February 2014
Wells Fargo Training Room, Mason City, IA
Attending: Johan, Anna, Jute, Juliana, William, Gwynhwyvar, Gobban, Sofya, Sifrid

Jute is officially our Seneschal.
She thanks us for getting the reports in a timely manner.
Reports are going on a flash drive to make it easier to pass things on with future successions.

We have money. A reasonable amount.
And we have proper checks, but we need to do more paperwork.

No official fighter marshal yet. And since there's no indoor practice site, it's not a big deal.

No date for the winter shoot yet - probably a Sunday, maybe a Monday evening.

Not present. Next meeting - Their Majesties have challenged us to have more heraldry, esp. for marching, so lets get together and work on some stuff together, work on the little wooden shields, etc.

We have a new issue of the Parade. We have a couple of things nominated for Blackfox Awards - Sofya's article about Mystic, Juliana's illumination for the Mews.

We have some submissions in process. Sofya is going to use the Shire tabard.

Web Minister:
We have a web site for Harpies and Hillians started, so check it out if you're an event officer.

No news from Kevin and the Hampton demo.
As of right now, Wells Fargo still holds the lease on our meeting and haven't decided whether to renew it, but we apparently have several months at least before we have to worry about it.

Event Prep:
Hugh has agreed to the Fighter MIC. Esther will be the Chirurgeon (with or without recompense).
Juliana will do adorable little wire harps for feast tokes and Anna will do green-and-gold cording. Jute has thread if needed.
Sofya to verify that she has the beanbags.
Juliana is planning to do the fundraiser for the food bank again this year.

Lilies Prep:
Anna has started the meal plan.
Gobban and Gwynhwyvar are hoping to come to as much as possible. Sifrid and Sofya can't go, but otherwise we should have a pretty full crew.