9 April 2014
Wells Fargo Training Room, Mason City, IA
Attending: Juliana, William, Antonia, Gregorii, Ghynhwyvar, Gobban, Jutte, Brigida, Berndt, Iames

Quarterly reports are due.

We've got new paperwork for the new bank. But now, every time an officer changes we have to do the paperwork all over. So to get Jutte on the paperwork, changing the Kingdom Exchequer, when Anna steps down...
We get the $50 for event equestrian insurance and the $250 for the site deposit done.
Anna's warrant runs out July 31st, but she's willing to do an extension. We are delighted to let her.

Gregorii is officially a Fighter Marshall, just not _our_ Fighter Marshall. Yet. He promises he will send in a letter of intent.
Thinking about starting fighter practices on Sunday afternoon since that works for most of us.

"Winter" shoot on Sunday, the 13th at Mohawk Archery, noon warm-up, shoot starting at 1 pm.
Not sure when outdoor shoots will start.
We have a couple of kids' bows but no arrows. Heinrich has the loaner arrows.

"Taste of Heraldshill" for the next meeting - bring something period to share and the recipe.

We have a new Parade!
For next time, in addition to Lilies stories and pictures, we need Harp stories and pictures!
Sofya is the deputy chronicler.

Jutte has a slightly different name.
Brigida will be stepping down as Saker in a couple of weeks.
Looking for a Heraldic deputy - Gobban seems mildly willing.

Web Minister:
Calontiri wikispace available, an email will be sent out.

Hamptom Demo - Monday, May 12th, 1-3 pm-ish , come 1/2 hr early to help set up, also 40th Wedding Ann. for William & Juliana - Johan, Gregorii, Berndt, possibly Gobban, Uhtred and Olai for fighters... Juliana has the book already for them. Gida can't do it. Suggest contacting the local newspaper. Someone asks how long we've been doing the Hampton Demos - Sifrid is the keeper of the books.
Site tours at Lilies will be on Sunday.

Possible demo at Waverly Homecoming in October. It's theoretically medieval-themed, so we should fit right in. We agree that Gobban should check into the details.

Lilies Meal Plan
Anna is passing it around: see the Shire wikispace.
Battlefield will be by us this year.

Event Planning:
St. Augustine's Un-Faire - May 17th.

Wylde Nept! Vincent will be getting back to Jutte with the details.
Their Highnesses would like inns and feasts to be period. We'll do what we can. Gida will invite His Highness at Melon Wars.
Gida and Anna to do the green/gold cording for the tokens.
Jutte is going to do the Equestrian insurance certificate now. She has the form ready. We'll get the $250 deposit done, too.
She hasn't heard back from 4H about using their stuff.
Hugh is doing the Fighter Marshall. Gregorii will help if he can.
Antonia will be in charge of stone soup on Friday night. Also the Hall Steward.
Anna will be doing Troll. Jutte got a bunch of new forms from the Kingdom Seneschal so she'll forward them to Anna.
Brigida will be doing the Voice Heraldry in addition to helping with Troll.
Food Drive for Pastor Deb. What should the challenge be? Weight of the original Harp bar?