14 May 2014
Wells Fargo Training Room, Mason City, IA
Attending: Gobban, Gwynhwyvar, Theodora, Juliana, William, Jutte, Johan, Kirke, Sofya, Sifrid

Next months A&S meeting would land on RAGBRAI, so we're moving it to the 30th.

Not present. Representative reports that we have money.

Need to start outdoor fighting.

We had our winter/spring shoot and scores are posted.
Warrior Child was a lot of fun for the shoots. William was supposed to help, but they were in good shape, so he was able to play.

Not present.

We had a newsletter put out, permission forms signed.
Next issue will be after the 4th of July. Pictures! Event reports! Officer reports! Research articles!

We have names, we have devices.

Web Minister:
Need recipes from A Taste of Heraldshill.

Hampton demo was a lot fun. Magnus came up and had a good time. He did a presentation on the "Code of the Knight" which was really good. They also tried the "Whack a Knight" game again, but it was a problem because one of the kids hit Johan really hard and gave him a headache all night.
National Night Out will be the first Tuesday in August as usual.

Event Planning:
St. Augustine's Un-Faire is this weekend. Come one, come all!

Harpies and Hillians X:
We got a decent deal on the port-a-pots, cheapest was handicapped $85, regular $65 (with Mick Gage Plumbing and Heating).
The Equestrian Insurance is confirmed.
The site deposit has been paid.
Sifrid will work with Jutte on fliers for Lilies.
Back-up Fighter Marshal could be Zach from Coeur d'Ennui who autocrat-ed Warrior Child.
The 4H group does not want us in their room, but if there are things that we want to use out of there, they will set them out for us if we give them a list.
Vincent said Wylde Nept is only charging $500 (instead of the usual $1000) and he is planning to cover it, but will accept contributions. We agree to have no site charge for the band members and one guest each as part of their re-imbursement for playing. What about feast for them?
They usually play a 4-hour set starting at 9pm, but we might want to start sooner since we may need to troll people in just for the concert. Speaking of which, what sort of fee do we want to charge for people who only come for the concert? What about NMS?
We'll need the event webpage to be more informative than usual for the non-SCAers who may be coming - garb, chairs, motels.
Will want the parking field extra-well mowed.
A few canine activities being planned, probably in the beef barn area.