9 July 2014
Wells Fargo Training Room, Mason City, IA
Attending: Jutte, Juliana, William, Gwynhwyvar, Gobban, Thedora, Antonia, Sifrid, Sofya, Anastasia, Berndt, Brigida, Scarlet.

Not present

Not present

Nothing new. Once the Carberry list field dries out, they will try the "slot shoot" (like shooting out castle arrow slots) which is a SCA-wide archery thing.

We have artisans.
Next meeting will basically be event prep, show and tell/project night.

Get your articles in! Publication this weekend! He's got plenty of photos and a goodly number of articles already, but more are welcome.
He still would like a little blurb about the Harp.

We have names and devices.

Web Minister:
We have a web site.

National Night Out is coming, August 5th. We'll start setting up 4:30-ish. Public at 5pm. Need to bring our tables.
We got our check from the Hampton demo.

Event Planning:
Our Royalty will be at the other event, so no worries there.
Antonia will put out a call for merchants. She's also will
A&S - some sort of brewing competition (Gida judge wrangler), largesse competition (2 items, populace judged)
Classes - whipcord (Gida), mead-making (Hans), canine (Sofya)
Gida will MC feast, and she's doing the cording for the site tokens.
Stasi will make a list of utensils to borrow from the 4H room (roasters: Jutte, Brigida, Antonia. Monster crockpots - Jutte, Stasi).
We will have the bunkhouse.
Please get final activity schedules to Sofya for the website.
Jutte will contact Hugh, Izzy, and Kaie about fighter, youth and equestrian activities.
Juliana will coordinate with Hanne and publicize the food drive (and for next year, Stasi will do Inn to give Juliana a break and Antonia will do feast)