8 October 2014
Wells Fargo Training Room, Mason City, IA
Attending: Juliana, Gwyhwhyvar, Gobban, Sifrid, Sofya, Gregorii, Antonia, Brigida, Johan, Anna, Juliana, William

Jutte is still the Seneschal (President).

The bank lost all of our paperwork back several years, so new paperwork from the bank is going to Mistress Lynette and we'll re-sing the signatory paperwork.
We remember that we voted to make a donation for the Food Bank, but she doesn't have the paperwork handy.

Gregorii still needs to send in his letter of intent.
There is going to be a Regional Fighter Practice November 1st at the William Community Center.

We can still shoot at his place if we want to.

She scouted out the new JoAnn's for us. You have to take a number to get the fabric cut - even if you're the only one there. But it's nice and big. There's a new SRHarris in Burnsville opening, too. (We need a field trip!)
Ongoing A&S project will be the belt favors for Lilies. Gida will post what we need to bring to help. (Heraldic blue and red fabrics - Sofya has a stash to contribute.)

He needs articles and pictures ASAP. He's got a big work project brewing.
He's aiming to publish in the next week or two.

We have names. We have devices and ideas for devices. Harald has nothing to say.

Web Minister:
Our wiki will no longer be free after November 15th. Options: migrate to PBWiki or other free wiki, make it a subsection of my personal wiki, use the Yahoo Group files for recipes and meetings notes instead, other? Agree to migrate to a new free wiki.

Wartburg Demo, the 18th - Gobban, William, Sofya, Sifrid, Gregorii (will try to get Uhtred), Antonia, 3 other FB fighters, 5 other - we'll need the tables, the list field (Sifrid will get it them from J/A)... Juliana has a book for Hamptom (already) and needs to be reimbursed the $10.68. We vote "Aye".
Potential new member coming to Crown - Tiffany Keith of Shell Rock - Scottish/Irish, blacksmithing.
Also Ticta and her husband may start coming down from Minnesota.

Event Planning:
Johan and Anna can't come. They'll be in charge of the family rebellion.

Jutte, Berndt, Gida, Gregorii, Sofya, Antonia.