12 November 2014
Hardee's Meeting Room, Mason City, IA
Attending: Anna, Johan, William, Juliana, Sifrid, Sofya, Kirke, Gobban, Gwynhywvar, Jutte

She's emailed three times about getting our event on the Kingdom Calendar.
We try to get Gwynhywvar to sign up to be MoY, or A&S Minister.
Toys for Tots - Sofya, Antonia, maybe Gida (if she's recovered).
Holiday party ideas - January 24th, at William and Juliana's - potluck with $10 gift exchange.

Signatory paperwork re-signed to replace the paperwork that got lost in the bank transition: Sifrid (Russ Echelbarger), Juliana (Julene Carberry), Jutte (Ruth Thorson). Needs Gida (Deb Kuehne), too.
We have money.
Juliana reminds us we still need to send our donation to the Food Bank (Messiah Food Pantry) from the event. We re-agree to send $200.

Gregorii has a new job, so they'll be moving.
Johan will get the list field back from Sifrid & Sofya

Nothing new. He's about to get his hip fixed, so there won't be anything new.
Sorry about forgetting to get the key.

Antonia resigning due to impending move for Gregorii's new job.
Next A&S meeting would be more Lilies site token work, but this month's meeting would be the day before Thanksgiving, so… CANCELLED.

Paper copies of the new Parade available.
Next issue will be in January, articles by mid-December would be nice.

Jutte's new name was registered!
Gobban has re-submitted his device.

Web Minister:
The unofficial Shire wiki is being moved to its new free home on Wikidot - heraldshill.wikidot.com

Tikta recently died (some sort of lymphoma), so her family probably won't be doing much to rejoin us just yet.
Voshon and Simone may be moving back up north into the Spencer area.

Event Planning:
The feast gear totes will have to be collected from Antonia before the snow gets too deep (and before they move). (Jutte has room in the machine shed.)
Wedding arrangement - ceremony at 4pm so guests arrive after troll, lump sum "donation" toward site, light reception in the inn, standard feast fee.
Backup Feast steward for Antonia?
Confirmed that we've paid the deposit.
They won't be starting on the new event building for a year or two.