14 January 2015
Wells Fargo Training Room
Attending: Brigida, Kirke, daughter, Anna, Johan, William, Gobban, Juliana, Jute, friend, Gwynhwyvar, Antonia, Sifrid, Sofya

Not much new going on. She's going to start checking on the Hampton demo.

We have money. If she gets the bank statement, she'll be able to do her reports this weekend.

Archery Marshal:
He's working on a winter shoot for us - has to work around the kids.

Fighter Contact:
We need more fighters. We need more fighter practices. Ethan may be moving back. Question joint meetings/fighter practices at East Park when weather is warmer. And maybe going to Sunday practices.

Resigns due to moving to Coeur d'Ennui. Next meeting will be continued work on the Lilies Site tokens - bring sewing machines, scissors.

Gregorii's name was registered with the wrong spelling - an extra "n" thrown in. But Gida thinks it would cost $9 again to resubmit and Gregorii probably doesn't care.

We have migrated over to a new wiki host and it's working okay.

He's going to put the newsletter together this weekend.

Holiday Party:
January 24th 6pm at William and Juliana's - garb, bring period table games, $10 gift exchange, polearm pizzas! So bring toppings - Anna/Johan bringing the cheese, Juliana bringing the sauce, Gwynhwyvar bringing pepperoni, Sifrid bringing desert, Jute pondering turtle cheesecake. 2459 230th Street, Aredale 50605

Gulf Wars:
Jute & Thorir, Stasi, Gida, William & Juliana, Sofya, Johan & Anna & Co…

Cedar Rapids Library for Becca:
Gida, Berndt, Gobban? start setting up 9 AM