11 March 2015
Wells Fargo Training Room
Attending: Gwynhwyvar, Gobban, Sifrid, Sofya, William, Juliana, Johan, Anna, Jutte

Hampton demo late April-May?
new possible Charles City demo (teacher who has been talking to Kevin)
Mondays best for Johan, Wednesdays for Sofya,

We have money. The accounts balance. The seneschal has signed away her life.

We have bows. We have arrows.
It's time to get in shape for archery season.

Fighter Marshal:
Johan is thinking of starting Sunday fighter practices once the ground dries.

Office vacant.
Next meeting - sewing blue favors, painting pre-prints.

Items for next issue can be sent in any time. Goal publication date - April 12th.
Don't shrink photos before sending them. Sifrid will adjust them as needed.

Web Minister:
Will get going on the event website.

Gobban's device is "Being Decided". Should know the results in a couple of months.

Upcoming Events:
Final Name - St. Augustine's Faire.
Equestrian insurance - preparing to send in next month. Plenty of time.
Co-Autocrat - William