8 April 2015
Wells Fargo Training Room
Attending: Stasi, Gwynhwyvar, Gobban, Juliana, William, Johan, Anna, Brigida, Sofya, Sifrid,

Vehicle broke down 40 miles away. Not present. Juliana conducting business.

Hampton demo (Kevin's last year) - Monday 5/11, 1-3 pm
Charles City demo (6th graders) - Monday 5/4, starting at noon (come earlier to set up) - more details forthcoming, we're the kick-off for their medieval history section, so far should be okay with weapons but double-checking

New "One of these things is not medieval" skit ideas - purple carrots, apple pie, funnel cakes, corn, turkeys.

No important new business.

Nothing new. Getting ready for the season.

Fighter Marshal:
Fighter practices to start shortly. Heinrich to be home to fight, maybe Uhtred, maybe Iames. Aiming for Sundays.

position vacant
Next meeting, watching Tales from the Green Valley.

Items for next issue can be sent in any time. Goal publication date - April 12th.

Web Minister:
Wikidot is being annoying, so we're getting rid of it. Relatively permanent things like meeting notes going on website. Property list and Lilies Prep will be on the Calontiri Wikispace.
Suggestion received for new photos. Feel free to provde personal photos if you have better one you'd like for Members Page.

Gobban's device is "Being Decided" - actually was decided on March 22nd. Should know the results in a couple of months.

Upcoming Events:
Equestrian insurance - to send in next month since Seneschal isn't here to approve the check. Plenty of time. Co-Autocrat - William
Gida to be back-up feast. Stasi and Sifrid to help as allowed.

William/Juliana at archery, Gida, 1/2 Berndt, Jutte?, Stasi, Sofya/Sifrid, Esther?
No Johan/Anna, Voshon/Simon
Antonia/Gregorii with Coeur d'Ennui