13 May 2015
Wells Fargo Training Room
Attending: Gobban, Gwynhywvar, William, Juliana, Gida, Sifrid, Stasi, Sofya

No special business

Charles City demo (6th graders) - went well, and was fun. About 100 kids? Apparently had a little article in the Charles City paper. The fighters put on a good show.
Hampton demo (Kevin's last year) - went well, too.
Going to help with site tours at Lilies - the first Sunday.
First Tuesday of August will almost certainly be National Night Out
Wartburg Homecoming is going to be the first weekend in October this year - against Autumn Arrows and the Deodar event. :-(

couldn't make it, next meeting needs to be a business meeting to deal with some checks to be signed

We have bows, and netting (shared at Deodar's event with great success, neat event meant for new people/archers).
The Kingdom seems to be a little low on loaner gear.

Fighter Marshal:
couldn't make it, left a message that he's hoping to get one Sunday a month over the summer

position vacant

next edition due July 11th?
New feature - recipes? other?
Lilies group photo - Wednesday evening?

Web Minister:
Wikidot has been dumped. Meeting notes are on the Shire webpage.
Recipes, Lilies Prep, and Shire Property List are on the Calontiri wikispace.

Gobban's device has been registered!

Upcoming Events:
St. Augustine's Fair
Equestrian insurance - to send in next month since Seneschal isn't here to approve the check. Plenty of time. Budget for feast = 80 people? tentative $600 budget? (up to $700 if necessary?) Charge $10/5. Tentatively approved.
Budget for inn = $350 for food + $100 for paper goods (need to replace a lot of paper supplies) = $450 (gather coupons for Juliana). Tentatively approved.
Budget for health and welfare = $10 for Esther.
Budget for fighting = $0 per Zach, MIC, but prizes?
Gida has a bunch of stuff for the Silent Auction
Jutte to work on new table clothes.
Feast tokens? get a few more kazoos?
Gobban says no onions. Gwynhwyvar asks minimal mushrooms. Ingredient lists ahead of time for some family food sensitivities.
Family can let us know if they'd like to borrow tents to stay over.
William also to do Archery in addition to co-autocrat, Juliana to do thrown weapons.

Joint Heraldic and Scribal Symposium:
Agree to support, Gida to autocrat/co-autocrat
Aiming for the 1st weekend in November (the 7th). Anplica investigating from their end.
Floyd Community Center? Carpenter Community Center? Lutheran Church?

William/Juliana at archery, Gida, 1/2 Berndt, Stasi, Gobban/Gwynhwyvar, Sofya/Sifrid, Jutte?, Esther?
No Johan/Anna, Voshon/Simon
Antonia/Gregorii with Coeur d'Ennui