10 June 2015
Wells Fargo Training Room
Attending: Gobban, Gwynhwyvar, Sue, Doug, Sifrid, Sofya, Jutte

Jutte got the feast gear totes from Antonia. Antonia said there were eight totes, but Gregorii could only find five. And someone had told Jutte there were three, so she figures it averaged out.

not present

Fighter Marshal:
not present

Archery Marshal:
not present, already at Lilies

next issue of the Parade due in July, accepting articles any time

position vacant

No new issues. Consult table at Lilies if want to work on new ideas, or talk to Gida or myself about submissions.

Web Minister:
No new issues. Further investigation is that while we will eventually need to change servers, it's nothing imminent and it's a pretty painless process.

Upcoming Events:
St. Augustine's Fair
Equestrian insurance has been sent in. $50
Port-a-pots - 85 + 65 = $150. Will call the people we used last year.
Budget for feast = 80 people? tentative $600 budget? (up to $700 if necessary?) Charge $10/5. Approved.
Budget for inn = $350 for food + $100 for paper goods (need to replace a lot of paper supplies) = $450 (gather coupons for Juliana). Approved.
Budget for health and welfare = $10 for Esther. Approved.
Budget for fighting = $0 per Zach, MIC, but prizes?
Jutte doing new table clothes.
Hall decoration - Sheri? others?
Honorary Hillian markings

Joint Heraldic and Scribal Symposium:
Agree to support, Gida to autocrat/co-autocrat.
Aiming for the 1st weekend in November (the 7th). Anplica investigating from their end.
Floyd Community Center, open that date, $200
Gilbert Sales Barn, open that day, $300 special rate thanks to Ruth
Carpenter Community Center?
Lutheran Church? Regional righter practice.
Nora Springs school?
Lincoln Elementary? nice common area, protected courtyard for bored fighters

William/Juliana at archery, Gida, 1/2 Berndt, Stasi, Gobban/Gwynhwyvar, Sofya/Sifrid, Jutte?, Esther?
No Johan/Anna, Voshon/Simon
Antonia/Gregorii with Coeur d'Ennui