8 July 2015
Wells Fargo Training Room
Attending: Jutte, William, Juliana, Gobban, Gwynhwyvar, Stasi, Sifrid, Sofya


National Night Out - Tuesday, August 4th, East Park, 5:30 official start, come early (4-ish) to set up.
Jutte got an email from the Baron of Loch Solier, Ansteorra, who comes to Emmetsburg periodically (hometown) and wondered about fighter practices, etc.

not present

Fighter Marshal:
not present

Archery Marshal:
He's working on ideas for targets for our event. "No bell" shoot tournament. "Caution" shoot. "Zombie" shoot? And there will be children's archery at noon.

Next issue of the Parade due out this weekend, articles are coming in, could use something for the demos.

position open

No new issues, no new submissions. We still have silk and dyes to make banners - William and Juliana have the supplies.

Web Minister:
No new issues.

Upcoming Events:

St. Augustine's Fair
Equestrian insurance certificate received. $50
Port-a-pots - 85 + 65 = $150. Will call the people we used last year.
Budget for feast = 80 people, tentative $600 budget, charge $10/5. Approved. (Antonia may need an advance, instructed submit itemized list of estimated expenses ASAP for a vote and a check)
Budget for inn = $350 for food + $100 for paper goods = $450 (gather coupons for Juliana). Approved.
Budget for health and welfare = $10 for Esther. Approved.
Budget for fighting = $0 per Zach, MIC, but prizes?
Jutte doing new table clothes.
Hall decoration - Sheri, with our feast decorations
Children's archery at noon.
Hay bales?
Need to remind Antonia that need advance arrangement to use any of the 4-H stuff, and need to vote on her check on the 22nd at supplemental business meeting (Jutte to get Anna to the meeting to sign a check and put the notification on-line)
Inn is prepared to close early to make room for the reception (with a fresh pot of coffee on). Honorary Hillian markings?

Joint Heraldic and Scribal Symposium:
Aiming for the 1st weekend in November (the 7th). Anplica investigating from their end.
WiFi courtesy of Jutte?
Floyd Community Center, open that date, $200
Gilbert Sales Barn, open that day, $300 special rate thanks to Ruth
Carpenter Community Center?
Nora Springs school? MC Fairgrounds Kinney Room $400 but booked for 1st weekend in November.
Lutheran Church? not available.
Lincoln Elementary? $1300