12 August 2015
Wells Fargo Training Room
Attending: Gida, Juliana, Stasi, Gwyn, Gobban, Sofya, Sifrid, Jutte

nothing new other than the event

National Night out had perfect weather. People missed the fighters, but we got some good nibbles.


Fighter Marshal:

Archery Marshal:

the next newsletter will come out early in October

position open

No new issues, no new submissions..

Web Minister:
No new issues. Will update the webpage for the event further tonight.

Upcoming Events:
St. Augustine's Fair
Jutte is picking up the key tomorrow.
William there after lunch.
Gida has the checkbook if we need it.
We vote to put in the contract for next year's event.
There's left over stuff that Pepsi is supposed to be picking up.
Hay bales courtesy of Gobban's father - no damage!
Hall decoration - Sheri, with our feast decorations. Jutte has done the new table clothes.
Plan B is in place for Gida and company to prepare feast. She will post ingredients at Troll.
Jutte will bring her big roaster and the feast totes
Stasi will bring her collection of serving bowls, vegetable peelers
Gida has the warming tray and the coffee pot for in.
William has stands to lift the coffee pots to make them easier to use
Inn is prepared to close early to make room for the reception (with a fresh pot of coffee on).
Merchants: Pine Wood Traders (outside), Chasing Squirrels, Joshua's Tasty Things, Becca Loom Demo, Phoenix Moon (?)

Joint Heraldic and Scribal Symposium:
Now aiming for the 23rd of April because NS Stellar University took the weekend in November. Anplica investigating from their end.