14 October 2015
Wells Fargo Training Room
Attending: Jutte, Gwyn, Gobban, Gida, William, Juliana, Berndt, Sifrid, Sofya

We have the meeting room at Wells Fargo until December 1st. We might have a lead on the VFW.
First Citizens Bank charges $25 per meeting. :-(

Nothing much new. Working on a couple of new contacts.

not present

Fighter Marshal:
not present

Archery Marshal:
Making plans for a winter shoot.

The next newsletter will come out as soon as all the articles come in.

adoption pending
A&S meetings in November and December are a problem with the holidays. We decide to have combined Business/A&S meetings that month - maybe one month working on largesse items like chapstick pouches or Japanese good luck balls.
This month we'll finish (?) watching Tales from the Green Valley.

No new issues, no new submissions.
Discussed Gida's big scanning project for all of Calontir's submissions for all its history.

Web Minister:
Calontiri wiki article stubs for everyone. Looking for recipes from feast from Gida.

Upcoming Events:
Joint Heraldic and Scribal Symposium:
Now aiming for the 23rd of April because NS Stellar University took the weekend in November. Anplica investigating from their end.
WiFi courtesy of Jutte?
Floyd Community Center, new date, $200
Gilbert Sales Barn, new date, $300 special rate thanks to Ruth
Carpenter Community Center?
Nora Springs school? looks pretty reasonable for cost
MC Fairgrounds Kinney Room $400 but booked for 1st weekend in November. Includes "free" wifi.
Lutheran Church? No go. St. Augustine's Fair 2016
August 19-21, contract and deposit already done (William given the copy).
Event Steward - William
Feast Steward - Gida, every course a different country
Innkeeper - Stasi
Archery - Gobban
Marzipan Subtleties competition sponsored by Juliana.