Hy-Vee West Meeting Room
2 December 2015
Attending: Stasi, William, Juliana, Sofya, Sifrid, William, Gobban, Gwen, (Jutte calls in from Texas)

Had new meeting site at Hy-Vee West in the wine tasting area on the new date. They'd just like to have us buy a little bit of merchandise.
Seneschal in Texas for the meeting, so Juliana conducts the meeting.

No new demos. Not sure what will happen with Hampton Demo, esp. now that Kevin has left.
Galen to be the new Kingdom Chatelaine.
She's been in touch with Theodora and made sure she knows about the new meeting room.

not present

Fighter Marshal:
not present

Archery Marshal:
Nothing new. There will be a winter shoot, probably in February so we will be fresh for Gulf Wars.

Next newsletter due the first weekend of January. Sifrid has the whole week off from Christmas to New Years, so he'd

Stasi is electronically incommunicado, but still planning to apply once that is fixed.
We've voted to approve her application.
Her first action as A&S-to-be is to ask everyone to submit ideas for what they could teach at a meeting. Next meeting = Taste of Heraldshill

Nothing new.

Web Minister:
Gida has set up the new Google group and will kill the Yahoo! group shortly.
Shire Google calendar ID: lhncpfl1s606bs52qhn22pgbt4@group.calendar.google.com
Unofficial Calontir Google calendar ID: Calendar ID: 58kvund2c5kj43duhkh2hlf948@group.calendar.google.com

Upcoming Events:
Holiday Party at the Thoreson cabin north of Floyd. January 23rd around 6:30 pm. Potluck. $10 gift exchange. In garb.

Joint Heraldic and Scribal Symposium:
Now aiming for the 23rd of April because NS Stellar University took the weekend in November. Anplica investigating from their end.
Unfortunately, Silfren Mere hosting Kingdom A&S in February.
WiFi courtesy of Jutte?
Floyd Community Center, check new date, $200
Gilbert Sales Barn, check new date, $300 special rate thanks to Ruth
Carpenter Community Center?
Nora Springs school? looks pretty reasonable for cost
MC Fairgrounds Kinney Room $400 but booked for 1st weekend in November. Includes "free" wifi.
Lutheran Church? No go.

St. Augustine's Fair 2016
August 19-21, contract and deposit already done (William given the copy).
Event Steward - William
Feast Steward - Gida, every course a different country. Dessert to be a special cookie...
Innkeeper - Stasi
Archery - Gobban
Marzipan Subtleties competition sponsored by Juliana.
"The Food of my People" sponsored by Sofya

Gulf Wars
William and Juliana planning to go to lots of classes
Gida and Sofya planning to spend too much time at Heralds Point
Johan and Anna probably can't make it