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Updated 10 October 2005

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Greetings to one and all!

Sifrid and Sofya.

I was born in 1567 in the Village of Glenn Finnan, on the shores of Loch Scheel...

There can be only one.

SCA Interests:
I raise lambs, shear sheep, spin yarn, weave cloth, dye fabric, hand-sew garments, and embroider trim.

Latest Projects:
Learn to grow/spin/weave flax
Grow my own herbs

Wish List:
Spinning wheel
A bigger pavilion for Lilies
Life in a Medieval Village, by Francis and Joseph Gies

Favorite Links:
Fiber Guild
Calontir Trim (only for inspiration)
My best friend's website

Mundane Information:
I have three perfectly behaved children and one semi-housebroken wife. I work as a sanitary engineer for the city of Portland. My mundane website is...

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