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Sifrid von Eichelborn & Lady Sofya la Rus
[Russ Echelbarger & Lisa Kies]
Updated 25 July 2006

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Sifrid and Sofya.

Sifrid was born in 1269 in Eichelborn, Thuringia. His family specializes in the woad trade out of Erfurt, and he has traveled widely via the Hanseatic league, to places as distant as Bishop's Lynn, England, and Novgorod, Russia.
Sofya was born in 1272 in the city of Nizhny Novgorod. Her family moved to the city of Novgorod the Great as refugees after the 1293 Mongol raid. Her father is a sexton in one of the churches in their new home, and the family has started to dabble in international trade to diversify their assets.

Sofya's Motto:
Si no necare, sana. (If you can't kill them, heal them.)

SCA Interests:

Sifrid is developing his archery skills, and expanding his culinary horizons.
Sofya researches various aspects of having an early Russian persona (garb, names, calligraphy, weapons, armor, food, language, history, religion...). She also researches medieval medicine and is making armor so she can try to lose some brain cells.

Sifrid's Latest Project:
The Shire Newsletter
Learning to make arrows.

Sofya's Latest Projects:
Long-armed cross-stitch
Medieval military medicine

Wish List:
More arrows (Sifrid)
A warm hat (Sifrid)
Lord Novgorod the Great, big archeology book (Sofya)
About 5 yards of red or gold medieval-Russian-style silk brocade. (Sofya)

Our personal webpages:
Russ's Webpage
Lisa's Website

Mundane Information:
Russ and Lisa have been married since Sept 2004. They have 5 cats. (Not on purpose.) Katie and Spunky are the old-timers - both over 10-years-old. The new guys are Sasha, Monica, and Jack. Sasha was adopted when Princess died. Monica was rescued from the city pound when Russ found out that she was scheduled to go to kitty heaven. And little Jack meowed at Lisa in the parking lot at the bank downtown (obviously not a good place for a kitten).

Russ is the IT Coordinator (the computer guy) for the city of Mason City. Lisa is a locum tenens Family Medicine physician (like a substitute teacher, except for doctors) for the Mason City area.

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