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Notes Regarding the Kingdom of Calontir
Updated 22 June 2006

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The Kingdom of Calontir has been called "the center of the Knowne World." This is true geographically, with our location in the center of the continental United States. It is also true chronologically. As of 2006, there are 19 Kingdoms in the Knowne World (i.e. the SCA). Of these, 9 are older than Calontir, and 9 are younger. Map of Calontir

Calontir was originally the Warlords Region of the Middle Kingdom, then was created a principality in 1981 (A.S. XVI). We became an independent Kingdom in 1984 (A.S. XVIII). See The Royal Line of Calontir.

Many of our awards, institutions and traditions are based on Anglo-Saxon culture. Accordingly, our fighters and archers are first promoted to the Iren Fyrd and Boga Fyrd, respectively, and then the Huscarls (in the Iren Hirth and Boga Hirth), before finally attaining the white belt of Knighthood. And we can study in the Royal University of Scir-Hafoc, which means bright falcon in Old English.

We call ourselves "Calontiri".

Our colors are purple and gold. Our rulers reign from the Falcon Throne. Our ensign is the cross of calatrava. Our badge is the gold falcon. Our flower is the lily. Our birds are the falcon and the swan.

Our war is the Lilies War (although we are called to fight in many other wars). We are known for our steadfast shield wall. Our defense of "Phaedra's Gate" lives on in legend and song. Learn more Calontir Songs from Katriana's Songbook.

We are a friendly, easy-going Kingdom with few sumptuary laws (See Calontir Kingdom Law) and many "stealth peers" (lord and ladies of high rank who do not display obvious symbols of their status). It will be helpful to read The Awards of Calontir (first published in Tournaments Illuminated) and SCA Etiquette (from the Barony of Coeur d'Ennui's Newcomer's guide) as an introduction.

The Calontir Listserve can be accessed at http://listserv.unl.edu/archives/calontir.html.

The maintainer of this page is Mistress Sofya la Rus [Lisa Kies].

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