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Members of Heraldshill
Updated 24 December 2017

Here is a list of Hillians in alphabetical order by first name along with the symbol of their current office, their interests, service, device and awards, to the best of my knowledge. Please let me know if something should be changed.

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Aemiliana Bourtzina
Period: Byzantine - [SCA since 2015?]
Interests: costuming

Altana Khulan
Period: researching it - [SCA since 2007?]

Anastasia da Carrara (Anastasia of Heraldshill) anastasia@heraldshill.org
Italian Ren - [SCA since 2000]
Interests: caligraphy, garb, food, everything
Service: Seneschal x2, Chirurgeon, Feast Steward x3, Hall Steward, Autocrat
AoA-Simple 2002-Jun-13 (as Anastasia of Heraldshill)
Torse 2007-May-05
Leather Mallet 2009-Aug-29 cooking
Not yet officially registered. Torse

Anna die Schatzin (Anna von Berger) anna@heraldshill.org
German - [SCA since 1997]
Interests: knitting, weaving, food
Service: Regional Exchequer, Exchequer, Minister of Children
AoA-Simple 1999-Oct-03 (as Anna von Berger)
AoA-Simple 2005-Sep-17
Torse 2007-Jul-21
Quarterly azure and gules, on a pale cotised argent, a ladybug proper and a fleur-de-lys azure. Argent, a ladybug proper and on a chief gules five lozenges argent. Torse

Ansgar Cristernsen (Ansgar Christensen, Angar Christensen) ansgar@heraldshill.org
11th Century Danish - [SCA since 1994]
Interests: heavy combat, brewing
Service: Co-Autocrat, Fighter Marshal
AoA-Simple 1998-May-02
Torse 1999-Oct-03
Iren-Fyrd 2000-Jul-01
Leather Mallet 2001-Sep-29 brewing
Torse 2004-Aug-28
Iren-Hirth 2005-Feb-18
Per chevron azure and Or, a tower counterchanged and in chief two trees eradicated Or. Torse Iren Fyrd Leather Mallet Iren Hirth

Avelyn Carbery avelyn@heraldshill.org
Period: English - [SCA since 2015?]
Interests: archery
AoA-Simple 2017-August-19
Boga-Fyrd 2017-August-19
Boga Fyrd

Berndt der Kühne berndt@heraldshill.org
12th Century German - [SCA since 1985]
Interests: combat, archery, brewing and vinting, leather working
Service: Fighter Marshal of the Field, Herald, Autocrat
AoA-Simple 1999-Oct-03

Not yet officially registered. Gules, a fess bretessed Or between a horse rampant and a sledgehammer argent.

Brigida von München brigida@heraldshill.org
12th Century German - [SCA since 1985]
Interests: weaving, archery, brewing, pewter, embroidery, etc.
Service: Kingdom Exchequer, Saker Herald, Dpty Kingdom Seneschal, Archery Marshal, etc.
AOA-Simple 1996-Oct-19
Torse 1998-May-09
Cross of Calontir 2002-Mar-09
Boga-Fyrd 2004-Jun-18
Leather Mallet 2004-August-20 weaving
Pelican 2017-November-11
(Fieldless) A monk's hood azure.
Azure, a monk's hood and on a chief argent three crosses of St. Brigid azure. Torse Boga Fyrd Leather Mallet Cross of Calontir Pelican

Cristobel de los Lobos [sic] @heraldshill.org
Period: - [SCA since 1997]

Gabraelah of Heraldshill (Missy)
French? - [SCA since 2000]
Interests: combat
Service: waterbearing.
Salamander - extinguishes flames, immune to poison

Fresh Meat Gobbán Mac Roibeáird gobban@heraldshill.org
Scottish - [SCA since 2012]
Interests: chain mail, blacksmithing
Service: feast server, Archery Marshal-In-Training
AoA-Simple 2013-August-17
Boga-Fyrd 2017-August-19
Boga Fyrd

Gwynhwyvar Clemettes [Name 16th Century Welsh]
Welsh - [SCA since 2012]
Interests: archery, costuming
Service: Youth activities
AoA-Simple 2016-Nov-12

Hans Sebastian Bamberger hans@heraldshill.org
German - [SCA since 2009]
Interests: mead, bard-itry, calligraphy, painting, leatherworking
Service: cook's assistant, feast server
AoA-Simple 2013-August-17
Not yet officially registered. Or, a Latin cross bottony gules between flaunches azure.

Fresh Meat Heinrich von Emden (Johan the Hunter)
German - [SCA since 1997]
Interests: archery, combat, wire weaving
Service: Lilies Sanitation, dumpster-diving
AoA-Simple 2011-Sept-17
Not yet officially registered. Not yet registered.

Iames Levyngistoun iames@heraldshill.org
11th Century Viking/Scots - [SCA since 2005]
Interests: combat, chain mail weaving, brew-testing
AoA-Simple 2007-Jul-21

Per pale indented azure and argent, two griffins combatant counterchanged.

Johan Berger(Johan von Berger) johan@heraldshill.org
13th Century German - [SCA since 1997]
Interests: combat, brewing, archery
Service: Fighter Marshal, Chirurgeon in Training, Seneschal
AoA-Simple 1999-Oct-03
Torse 2003-Aug-23
Iren Fyrd 2013-Sep-21
Boga Fyrd 2015-Mar-20
Quarterly azure and gules, on a pale cotised argent, a ladybug proper and a fleur-de-lys azure. Azure, an eagle on a chief argent three fleurs-de-lys azure. Torse Iren Fyrd Boga Fyrd

Jon @heraldshill.org
Period: - [SCA since 2017]

Josephina Roper [late period Spanish/English]
Period: researching it - [SCA since 2013]
Interests: working on it

Juliana Macnayre juliana@heraldshill.org
Scottish/English - [SCA since 2000]
Interests: throwing sharp pointy things, juggling, archery, canvas work
Service: Seneschal, Archery Marshal, Chatelaine, Inn Steward x many
AoA-Simple 2004-Aug-28
Torse 2005-Sep-24
Boga Fyrd 2010-Mar-17
Leather Mallet 2010-Sep-11 canvas work
Golden Calon Swan 2012-May-05 illumination
Boga Hirth 2013-Sep-07
Calon Cross 2017-Jun-14
(Fieldless) A hedgehog rampant Or, its quills impaling three grapes, maintaining an axe purpure. [Fieldless] A triskelion arrondy pommenty conjoined with three arrows in pale Or Per pale azure and purpure, a triskelion arrondy pommenty and a chief Or. Leather Mallet Torse Boga Fyrd Golden Swan Boga Hirth Cross of Calontir

Jutte Roose van der Brugghe (Royse Meingnes, Aeden Menzies) jutte@heraldshill.org
1456 Flemish [SCA since 2005]
Interests: fiber, wire weaving, stained glass, garb, storytelling, bookbinding .
Service: Seneschal, Voice/Field Herald
AoA-Simple 2007-Sept-15 (as Royse Meingnes)
Golden Calon Swan 2012-Mar-15 costuming (as Royse Meingnes)
Torse 2016-Nov-12
Not yet registered. Or, on a bend engrailed purpure, three roses or Golden Swan Torse

Kaie of Blakwode (Kaie of Blakwode Tor, Ki Elan Norrys) kaie@heraldshill.org
13th Century English - [SCA since 1994]
Interests: heavy combat, equestrian arts, costuming, cooking
Service: Founding Seneschal, Equestrian Marshal, Autocrat, MoAS, Web Minister, Chatelaine, Feast
AoA-Simple 1996-Oct-19
Torse 1998-May-02
Golden Calon Swan 2003-Aug-23
Eo Fyrd 2013-Aug-17
Checky purpure and argent, on a bend argent three trees palewise sable. Torse Golden Swan Eo Fyrd

Kirke Scarabe kirke@heraldshill.org
Period: late period English (?) - [SCA since 2013]
Interests: chain mail

Ophelya ophelya@heraldshill.org
Late period Scottish - [SCA since 2011]
Interests: costuming, cooking
Service: Inn


Period: French? Italian? - [SCA since 2017]
Interests: eating

Saerlaith ingen Chaicher saerlaith@heraldshill.org
Period: - [SCA since 1994]

Sifrid von Eichelborn sifrid@heraldshill.org
14th Century German - [SCA since 2003]
Interests: archery, military history
Service: Chronicler, Royal Liason, cook's assistant
AoA-Simple 2006-Jun-11
Torse 2009-Sept-12
(Fieldless) An owl argent sustaining a acorn slipped and leaved fesswise or. Azure semy of keys palewise wards to base sinister argent, an acorn slipped and leaved or Torse

Sofya la Rus sofya@heraldshill.org
14th Century Russian - [SCA since 1997]
Interests: garb, medicine, combat, all things Russian
Service: Habicht Herald, Group Herald, Web Minister, Event Steward, Dep. Chronicler
AoA-Simple 2005-Jun-19
Willow 2006-Jan-21 [Midrealm arts - "oops", ask Master Mordak]
Leather Mallet 2007-Jul-21 Russian studies
Silver Hammer 2008-Sep-13 Russian studies
Laurel 2009-Sep-12
Torse 2010-July-17
Cross of Calontir 2014-November-15
(Fieldless) An owl argent sustaining a acorn slipped and leaved fesswise or.
Gules, an owl rising wings displayed argent. Order of the Willow Leather Mallet Torse Silver Hammer Cross of Calontir Order of the Laurel

Period: researching it - [SCA since 2017]
Interests: constuming

Theodora Smith [name late period English]
Period: researching it - [SCA since 2013]
Interests: costuming, arts, cooking and events.

Thomas MacGregor
1200s Scottish - [SCA since 2000]
Interests: vinting.
Service: Grill Steward
Not yet officially registered.

Thórir mac Thore
Period: 10th Cent. Danish/Scottish - [SCA since 2008]
Interests: carpentry, food, merchanting
AoA-Simple 2017-Aug-19
Not yet registered. Not yet registered.

Fresh Meat Uhtred Liverpul uhtred@heraldshill.org
Anglo-Saxon - [SCA since 2010]
Interests: carpentry, archery, combat
Service: Demos
Not yet registered

William Fletcher of Carbery william@heraldshill.org
14th Century Irish/Scottish - [SCA since 2000]
Interests: archery, fletching, vinting, wire weaving
Service: Archery Marshal, Boga Fyrd Captain
AoA-Simple 2006-June-17
Boga Fyrd 2007-June-13
Leather Mallet 2008-June-15 - vinting
Boga Hirth 2012-March-17
Torse 2013-August-17
Calon Cross 2016-Sept-10
Silver Hammer 2017-Mar-16
[Fieldless] A triskelion arrondy pommenty conjoined with three arrows in pale Or Per bend azure and gules, a bend Or between three arrows in pale fesswise reversed and a wine flask palewise argent. Leather Mallet Boga Fyrd Torse Boga Hirth Cross of Calontir Silver Hammer

Wolfgang Schärlin
German - [SCA since 1997]
Interests: archery, animals
Service: Lilies Sanitation
AoA-Simple 2007-Jul-21
Torse 2011-Sept-17
Not yet officially registered. Torse

Zina Pevstova
Period: Russian - [SCA since 2015?]
Interests: archery
Queen's Chalice 2017-August-19
Falcon's Claw 2017-August-19
Queen's Chalice

Hillians At-Large - adopted and former Hillians.

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