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The Shire of Heraldshill again participated in
Charles City's
Military History Days

27-29 April 2007

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Updated 1 May 2007

The Hillians, minus Kaie who had to leave on a call We had a great time at this multi-era 3-day demo again this year. The weather was lovely, and we had friends from outside our Shire join us in the fun.


    Nice partially wooded 40 acre site (Sportsman's Park) behind the Charles City VFW - 1505 N. Grand (link to Mapquest Map)

    A two to three hundred re-enactors from all over the Midwest (Clann Tartan, Native American, French-and-Indian, Revolutionary War, Civil War, New Ulm Battery, WW2 Germans, WW2 Russians, and WW2 Allied, and new this year, Vietnam.)
    Several thousand (!) visitors.

    The Hillians plus a few friends Camping areas arranged in chronological order under the trees around the main battlefield.

    We had tours of Kaie and Ansgar's tent, Master Edweard's woodworking, medieval medicine information, campfire cooking, A&S displays, and combat demonstrations. Friday night we got John Paul's big trebuchet functional for demonstration on Saturday!

    Student Day (Friday) had over 1400 students, 5th grade and up (although not all 1400 came through our area).
    We had stone soup Friday night after Stasi spent the day tending it as part of our A&S area.
    Period food samples were set out for Saturday - Irish soda bread, pfeffernusse, shrewsbury cakes, gingerbread, mint and strawberry sekanjabin.
    There was a "thank-you" Hog Roast for all the re-enactors on Saturday night
    Impromptu skirmishes between groups and eras livened up the action.

Official Charles City Military History Days Website.

Friday: Student Day
Photos by Lady Sofya la Rus and Lord Sifrid von Eichelborn

Stone Soup Prep Great Dane Heavy Stuff Fighters Little Girl, Borrowed Hat, Big Dog

Getting the trebuchet functional

Trebuchet Repair First Firing

Photos by Lord Sifrid von Eichelborn

A&S Areas

Pavilion Interior Pavilion Interior

Master Edweard's shop Sofya explaining the Four Humors at her medical display The Public at the A&S Table Visitors from the Future Juliana at the sample Table Brigida handsews a Robe A visit from our descendants. More happy anachronism Drum practice

Marshmellow trebuchet loaded And firing!

Padraig getting forked

Color plasma TV A different channel

Martial Arts

More Trebuchet Action Too Hot to Handle Padraig and Ansgar Ansgar and Cormac Johan and Ansgar

Going for more distance How far will they go?

Modern artillery More modern artillery

The dragon is trying to eat her!

It's got her! It's got her! We'll save you! Can opener?

The Broom Brigade!

Protecting the Camp Setting out on patrol An initial skirmish On to the next battle Marching home in good order. Evening attack Triumph

Photos by Lord Sifrid von Eichelborn and HL Brigida von Muenchen

Sir Kilroy was here.

Can a cowboy hit Ansgar in 10 minutes?

Close, but not close enough. Any hints? Another try. 7 minutes is up

Apparently not.

Photos copyright © 2007, Lisa Kies and Russ Echelbarger.

Tearing down
See what happened at Military History Days 2006.

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