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The Shire of Heraldshill again participated in
Charles City's
Military History Days

25-26 April 2008

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Updated 30 April 2008

Watching the fighting on Student Day. We had a great time at this multi-era 2-day demo again this year. This time, our friends from Silfren Mere came down to play with us. And the weather mostly cooperated, although Thursday night (set-up night) was very wet, and the weekend was a little chilly.


    Nice partially wooded 40 acre site (Sportsman's Park) behind the Charles City VFW - 1505 N. Grand (link to Mapquest Map)

    A two to three hundred re-enactors from all over the Midwest (Clann Tartan, Native American, French-and-Indian, Civil War, New Ulm Battery, WW2 Germans, WW2 Russians, and WW2 Allied, and Vietnam.)
    Lots of visitors.

    Middle Ages

    We had tours of William and Juliana's tent, fiber working, medieval medicine information, campfire cooking, A&S displays, and combat demonstrations. (The trebuchet stayed home this year due to concerns about the muddy conditions.)

    Student Day (Friday) had hundreds of students, 5th grade and up (although a few schools cancelled because of bad flooding at home).

    Antonia prepared stone soup for Friday night accompanied by breads made by Antonia, Rhiannon, Padraig and Sofya. (Sofya's bread was made on-site over the campfire.)
    Period food samples were set out for Saturday - anise biscuit bread, pfefferneusse, shrewsbury cakes, campfire wheat bread, raspberry and strawberry sekanjabin. Lots of people asked for recipes - especially for the biscuit bread and sekanjabin.

    There was a "thank-you" Hog Roast for all the re-enactors on Saturday night. (There was a soup supper provided for us on Friday night, too, but we had our own soup.)
    Various groups used the battlefield on Saturday for larger maneuvers, culminated by the impromptu skirmishes between groups and eras at dusk on Saturday night.

Official Charles City Military History Days Website.
Brochure for Military History Days 2008.

Photos by Lord Sifrid von Eichelborn and Lord William Fletcher of Carbery

The Layout (Clann Tartan and Colonial areas not pictured)

Civil War World War II Vietnam War Middle Ages

Our Camp
Part of our Area Part of our Area Another part of our area

Camp Scenes:
Friday night huddle A chilly start Meeting the future Hi, what's your name? A colorful group Little critter Rounding up a little girl

Arts & Sciences

Weapons and food samples Explaining medieval medicine

The display tent The display tent Juliana plays hostess

Martial Arts

Students get a show They all fall down. Fighter love Pretty tattoo

One side is prepared And the other Charge!

One on one The Civil War folks enjoy the fight

William the Archer Archery display The atlatl range Juliana gives it a try

Fire! Watching the Civil War skirmish Pirates! Vietnam era maneuvers Union battery Nightfire

The Broom Brigade!

The raid begins Run, German, run! Who's next? Mayhem abounds Surrender! The Confederates feel our wrath, too Spoils of battle We capture the big fire stick

A new alliance is forming First, a volley then... Charge!

Photos copyright © 2008, Russ Echelbarger and William Carberry.

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