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2006 Shire Championship

Updated 18 June 2007

Shire Championship - 4 June 2006

Photos by Sifrid von Eichelborn.
Text by HL Brigida von Munchen.

There were 7 who entered the Fighter Champion Tourney: Padraig, Eldric, Ansgar, Parm, Johan, James, and Talan.

After several matches, some fine fighting, and displays of chivalry, four qualified for the semi-finals. Johan and Ansgar came up from the secondary trees, meaning each would have to win twice to make it into the finals. Eldric and Parm qualified from the primary trees, meaning each would only have to win once to make it into the finals.

In the semis, Johan bested Eldric in 2 matches while Ansgar defeated Parm in two matches.

After a short break, the finals commenced. The winner would be the first to win to matches.
Johan won the first round, but Ansgar took the next two to become the Hill fighter champion!

Congratulations, HL Ansgar, bearer of the Baldric!

Some melees after the Championship

Copyright © 2006, Russ Echelbarger (photos) and Deb Kuehne (text). Used with permission.

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