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Lilies War 2007

Updated 18 June 2007

Lilies War - 8-17 June 2007

Photos by Lord Sifrid von Eichelborn.

Storm Damage

A Little Hole A Little Hole

Enjoying the Shade in Camp

Making Arrows Chatting around the Water Cooler Happy Teenagers Hill Heraldry Hill Heraldry Ring bell for service

Preparing Supper

Fire Monkeys Planning Chopping Wood Together Dinner is Served

Around the War

Music Shower Crew Music Road past the Broken Harp Headed for the Beach Ansgar chatting Working Dog Concert on the Road

Such a Pretty Camp

Heraldshill Hill Heraldry


Juliana Archers at the line

Seneschal's Shoot

Brigida Stasi Branwell William

Boga Fyrd Open Shoot for Unranked Archers

A lot of archers Royse Wreaths and Wands

A Brief Interruption

William is called William kneels Our new Boga Fyrd!

Finals of Hundred Arrow Shoot - Saturday

Our Finalists On the line Check your target

A Special Visitor

The Queen inspects her vasslas Discussing A&S Classes A Fine Wine for their Majesties

Teaching Classes - Wednesday (and Thursday and Friday)

Easy, Breezy Russian Garb Power Point without Power

Champions Tourney - Thursday

Getting Instructions Get him! Ready to go

Grand Court - Thursday

The Royal Jester Warm Friends The Queen's Yeomen enter Court

Iren Fyrd Invitational Tourney - Friday Evening

Moving gear The Tall and Short of it Father and Son Getting Instructions

Group Photos - some members missing because the Fyrd Tourney ran longer than the daylight would hold out.

Shire and Friends Silly Shire and Friends

Photos copyright © 2007, Russ Echelbarger. Used with permission.

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