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Lilies War XXII

Updated 22 June 2008

Lilies War - 13-22 June 2008

Photos by Lord Sifrid von Eichelborn.

Around camp

Enjoying the shade Gida and Anna William the Fletcher in his natural environment Antonia and her Peacock Simone and Anna Monday Game Night Adult Goose Game Gida prepares her archery targets Simone and Sofya Antonia and Grigorii Simone and Rachel More Munchkin More games Under the shade fly Stasi comes home

Where did they disappear to? part 1 Where did they disappear to? part 2 Where did they disappear to? part 3 Where did they disappear to? part 4

Such a Pretty Camp

Shire heraldry display Shire List Tree Camp, View 1 Camp, View 2

Around the War

Military Medicine class Crying Camp Rock-Paper-Scissors at Troll on Tuesday night Next troll shift on Tuesday The aerial photographer Russian Music class Making candles Our road Aston Tor's new gate Ansgar and Kaie coming from the Food Court The Viking longship Sofya gets belted


Heraldshill Fun Shoot

William watching the line Life-like targets Lots of archers enjoy the shoot Royse and Padraig Parmen

Ladies' Thrown Weapons

Juliana gives tips Stasi gives it a try

Fort Battle

Johan marshalling A pickup fight

Champions Tourney - Thursday

Fighters line up for instructions Lord Parmen Volchkov, Heraldshill Champion First Match A good leg A double kill

New Authorizations

Padraig authorizes in Florentine Grigorii authorizes in sword-and-shield

Tavern Brawl

Tavern Brawl Tavern Brawl indoors

Children's Tourney

Enjoying the sponges Enjoying the snowcones Enjoying the shade Enjoying the show Relaxing before the fighting Lots of fighters Parm fights His Majesty

Sorcha gets her man, part 1 Sorcha gets her man, part 2 Sorcha gets her man, part 3

Johan gets a leg Padraig gets in on the action

Group Photos - missing Antonia, Grigorii, Rachel and Ethan

Noon photo Silly noon photo Kids picture Silly kids picture Evening photo Silly evening photo

Photos copyright © 2008, Russ Echelbarger. Used with permission.

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