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Lilies War 2009

Updated 28 June 2009

Photos by Lord Sifrid von Eichelborn, Lady Simone de Mares and Marie.

Around Camp

Heraldshill The road toward the Broken Harp More of Heraldshill Another angle The Shire List Tree - shown before Berndt had gotten on site Resting under the shade fly The armor looks ready to go, where's the fighter?

Royse working on preprints Practicing spinning and knitting a sock Bookworm Another bookworm

To Science on Health and Sobriety Day Playing Speed on Health and Sobriety Day

A cute couple Munchkins The armor's seen some use! A heraldic house call Stealing each other's souls Staying busy out of the rain The committee ponders how to empty the firepit after the rain Fire Monkey at Work Chica gets a ride in her mama's skirts Best Friends Forever Evening gathering of youngsters Sofya and Sifrid Clothes get dirty fast at war A bright, happy face Sleeping Beauty Another cute couple comes home Goose! Bran looking thoughtful More fun and games with Juliana, Royse and Esther

How to treat a lady with a sprained ankle - proof that chivalry is not dead!

Up the hill Waiting patiently The passenger boards her carriage All aboard Hold on! Down the hill

Archery and Thrown Weapons

Royse and Johan Royse and Johan on the line Wolfgang prepares to throw a spear Throwing Spears Scoring Spears Throwing Axes Gathering axes

The Hill Shoot

Juliana signs someone up The range The first group on the line Archers wait their turn, including Royse, Gida and Berndt More archers wait their turn, including Bran, Wolfgang, Jibril, Gida, and Johan Sofya and Eva watch from Juliana's spiffy new shade fly We convince Eva to give it a try A new archer is born

The Hundred Arrows Shoot

The list of finalists and alternates Johan and William at the line Johan and William discussing their chances Scoring the round

Other Activities

Sofya teaching a class Thorir's shop A baby wagon A wet day for a camp cry Helping at the Heraldic Consult Table The Great Machine under construction Helping in court, aka hiding behind the thrones

The Battlefield

A few pickup fights And some authorizations The Royal Pavilion overlooking the lake Another day, another battle A closer view

Heraldshill at Lilies 2009

Missing from photos: Iames, Thorir.

Mostly happy faces Mostly happy faces Mug shots Mugging for the camera

Photos copyright © 2009, Russ Echelbarger, Sarah Johnson, and Tyler Johnson. Used with permission.

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