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Summer-Fall 2009

Updated 14 September 2009

Photos by Lord Sifrid von Eichelborn

Kingdom A&S, Axed Root - July 18

A&S Display Talking to Paul the Leather Guy Royal Procession Royal Court Congratulations

National Night Out, East Park - August 4th

The Chatelaine at work Padraig demonstrates his weapons Stasi beautifully writes a name The display table Iames and Ansgar

Johan and Padraig Johan and the late Padraig

Parm and Johan, with Padraig and Iames looking on Kaie adds to the ambiance

Cattle Raids, Riverside Park - August 22

Archery Archery Equestrian Equestrian Equestrian Shade Flies Flag Games Wood Turning Court

Ages of War: The Rus vs. The World - August 27-30

See the event website: Ages of War 2009.

King's Company of Archers, Smithville Lake - September 12

Sifrid gets his Torse Hillians lead Sofya to her elevation A pack of Russian Laurels

Royse Brigida Lots of archers on the line William

Juliana ready Juliana at full draw Juliana after firing Juliana happy

Lots of archers pulling their arrows Lots of targets and lots of arrows

The empty battlefield The empty merchant area Where's the Harp?  Where did those white posts come from?

Photos copyright © 2009, Russ Echelbarger. Used with permission.

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