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Lilies 2010

Updated 31 July 2010

Photos by Lord Sifrid von Eichelborn

Our Encampment

The Wood 'N' Antler in New Merchants

Heraldshill View 1 Heraldshill View 2 Heraldshill View 3 Heraldshill View 4 Heraldshill View 5

Hill Shoot

Setting up the Fog of War Shoot Explaining the targets The view from the line Shoot at Will Padraig on the line Sofya and Juliana keeping score William keeps an eye on the line Russian Roulette

Around Camp

Under Antonia's shade fly Fighting the sun Chatting with the neighbors Esther and Rhiannon - and Esther's book club Alaina and Arwen [sic]

Belle of the Ball Gida's braid work

Sofya thinking Laundry day Emergency tent pole repairs Kethra and Connor Antonia and Gregorii Kathryn and Stasi (felting wool) Stasi coming clean Anna, Johan and Wolfgang Simone and Kethra The next shutterbug Padraig enjoying the shade Nap time

Kora and Heinrich Cisco and Chica going for a swim

Kaie and Esther

Stasi's Class

Stasi teaching her class on Open-Fire Cooking

Fyrd Tourney

Johan and Padraig Padraig's first round Padraig attacks Johan charges Johan's first opponent Padraig's second round And they (almost) all fall down The Warlords' bands increase The line breaks up Padraig dodges a blow A miniature shield wall Johan and Padraig face off Honors on the field

String Things

De-tangling the threads Still de-tangling

Eva's new project Rebecca's big project Weaving and spinning and other projects The proper way to deal with string


Moon and Evening Star The warm glow

The rainbow after court More of the rainbow See the rainbow come down to the ground in front of the trees

The Extended Heraldshill Family (missing Royse, Thorir, Paul and Ione)

A friendly bunch Silly shot Silly shot, two


Fireworks 1 Fireworks 2 Fireworks 3 Fireworks 4 Fireworks 5 Fireworks 6 Fireworks 7 Fireworks 8 Fireworks 9 Fireworks 10

Nature's Fireworks with Puppet Shows
(really fun to watch as a slideshow)

Nature's Fireworks 1 Nature's Fireworks 2 Nature's Fireworks 3 Nature's Fireworks 4 Nature's Fireworks 5 Nature's Fireworks 6

Photos copyright © 2010, Russ Echelbarger. Used with permission.

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