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Kingdom of Calontir

The Royal Line of Calontir

Updated 13 May 2012

Calontir , a Kingdom of The Society for Creative Anachronism, descends from the Kingdom of the Middle, which in turn descends from the Kingdom of the West.

The Line of the Principality of Calontir

The line of the Principality of Calontir was birthed by King Hugo and Queen Caitlin I, of the Middle Kingdom.

Prince Ternon and Princess Ghleanna Investiture: 1981/09/26 in Forgotten Sea

Prince Humpk I and Princess Mammara I Investiture: 1982/03/27 in Standing Stones

Prince Brummbar and Princess Valmai Investiture: 1982/10/02 in Three Rivers

Prince Humpk II and Princess Mammara II Investiture: 1983/05/21 in V'tavia

Prince Cire and Princess Elisabeth Investiture: 1983/11/05 in Carlsby

Here ends the line of the Principality of Calontir. Its heritage continues with the line of the Kingdom of Calontir.

The Line of the Kingdom of Calontir

The line of the Kingdom of Calontir comes from the line of the Principality of Calontir, birthed by Prince Cire and Princess Elisabeth.

1 - King Chepe and Queen Arwyn Coronation: 1984/02/18 in Mag Mor

2 - King Shadan I and Queen Erzebet Coronation: 1984/09/15 in Three Rivers

3 - King William I and Queen Mammara I Coronation: 1985/03/30 in Bois d'Arc

4 - King Edward and Queen Elisabeth Coronation: 1985/08/31 in V'tavia

5 - King Asgeirr and Queen Merriam Coronation: 1986/03/15 in Three Rivers

6 - King Gabriel I and Queen Hywela I Coronation: 1986/08/30 in V'tavia

7 - King William II and Queen Mammarra II Coronation: 1987/03/14 in Forgotten Sea

8 - King Valens I and Queen Susannah I Coronation: 1987/09/19 in Bois d'Arc

9 - King Thorvald and Queen Branwyn Coronation: 1988/03/12 in Lonely Tower

10 - King Lorell I and Queen Zenobia Coronation: 1988/09/17 in Coeur d'Ennui

11 - King Shadan II and Queen Alix Coronation: 1989/03/11 in Standing Stones

12 - King Volkmar and Queen Isadora Coronation: 1989/09/23 in Mag Mor

13 - King Tomeeki and Queen Fionna Coronation: 1990/03/10 in Bois d'Arc

14 - King Gabriel II and Queen Hywela II Coronation: 1990/09/15 in Crescent Moon

15 - King Roderick and Queen Brayden I Coronation: 1991/03/16 in Forgotten Sea

16 - King Conn I and Queen Cadfael I Coronation: 1991/09/07 in Three Rivers

17 - King Rorik and Queen Morgana Coronation: 1992/03/07 in Dun Ard

18 - King Steffen and Queen Lile Coronation: 1992/09/19 in Deodar and Shadowdale

19 - King Chrystofer I and Queen Brayden II Coronation: 1993/03/06 in Crescent Moon

20 - King Lorell II and Queen Iliya Coronation: 1993/09/21 in Coeur d'Ennui

21 - King Conn II and Queen Sile I Coronation: 1994/03/05 in Wyvern Cliffe

22 - King Eringlen I and Queen Eleanor Coronation: 1994/09/17 in Forgotten Sea

23 - King Valens II and Queen Elspeth Coronation: 1995/03/04 in Lost Moor

24 - King Gilligan and Queen Adelith Coronation: 1995/09/30 in Standing Stones

25 - King Chrystofer II and Queen Salamandra Coronation: 1996/03/02 in Mag Mor

26 - King Eringlen II and Queen Alethea I Coronation: 1996/09/21 in Smithville Lake

27 - King Cuthbert and Queen Branwen Coronation: 1997/04/05 in Lonely Tower

28 - King Dongal I and Queen Aislinn I Coronation: 1997/09/13 in Three Rivers

29 - King Valens III and Queen Susannah II Coronation: 1998/04/04 in Grimfells

30 - King Luther I and Queen Lenore Coronation: 1998/09/12 in Lost Moor

31 - King Eringlen III and Queen Alethea II Coronation: 1999/04/03 in Three Rivers

32 - King JoeAngus I and Queen Phaedra I Coronation: 1999/09/11 in Oakheart

33 - King Thjothrekr and Queen Yrsa Coronation: 2000/04/01 in Golden Sea

34 - King Fernando and Queen Lyriel Coronation: 2000/09/09 in Three Rivers

35 - King Valens IV and Queen Comyn Coronation: 2001/04/07 in Lost Moor

36 - King Dongal II and Queen Aislinn II Coronation: 2001/10/13

37 - King Martino and Queen Ariel Coronation: 2002/04/06 in Coeur d'Ennui

38 - King Chrystofer III and Queen Margarette Coronation: 2002/10/12 in Forgotten Sea

39 - King Valens V and Queen Susannah III Coronation: 2003/04/05

40 - King JoeAngus II and Queen Phaedra II Coronation: 2003/09/06

41 - King Siridean and Queen Sile II Coronation: 2004/03/06 in Lonely Tower

42 - King Garick and Queen Yasamin Coronation: 2004/09/11 in Mag Mor

43 - King Tristram and Queen Katrine Coronation: 2005/03/05 in Standing Stones

44 - King Martino II and Queen Ariel II Coronation: 2005/09/10 in Coeur d'Ennui

45 - King Vaclav (Semjaka) and Queen Xorazne Coronation: 2006/03/25 in Forgotten Sea

46 - King Tristram II and Queen Cailinn Coronation: 2006/09/09 in Lonely Tower

47 - King Lorell III and Queen Cadfael II Coronation: 2007/03/24 in Oakheart

48 - King Angelo and Queen Jane Coronation: 2007/09/08 in Lonely Tower

49 - King Anton and Queen Isabeau Coronation: 2008/03/22 in Three Rivers

50 - King Luther II and Queen Maerwynn Coronation: 2008/09/13 in Deodar

51 - King Martino III and Queen Ariel III Coronation: 2009/03/28 in Forgotten Sea

52 - King Hirsch and Queen Magdalena Coronation: 2009/09/10 in Lonely Tower

53 - King Ostwald and Queen Kaye Coronation: 2010/03/27 in Three Rivers

54 - King Ashir and Queen Maerwynn Coronation: 2010/9/18 in Lonely Tower

55 - King Anton II and Queen Isabeau II Coronation: 2011/3/26 in Vatavia

56 - King Ostwald II and Queen Kaye II Coronation: 2011/9/17 in Coeur d'Ennui

57 - King Lucian and Queen Conna Coronation: 2012/3/24 in Spinning Winds

Heirs: HE Sir Hirsch Eichmann & HE Mistress Magdalena Vander Meere

Here ends the line of the Kingdom of Calontir.

The maintainer of this page is Mistress Sofya la Rus [Lisa Kies].

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