St. Augustine’s Faire 2024

Eat, Drink and Shoot Pretty

August 16-18

Grafton Community Center, 202 6th Street, Grafton, IA

  • WARNING: some GPS are routing people from the east through St. Ansgar which is a little out of the way.


  • Adult Site Fee: $20
  • Adult Member Discount: $10
  • Children 6-17: $5 (younger children free)
  • Merchants: no extra fee (we have tables for indoors)
  • Tent Camping: free (Friday night toSunday morning)
  • Electrical Camping: $15/night (six sites, contact the event steward to reserve)
  • Inns: free-will donation
  • Feast: $10
  • Cash or checks, no credit cards

This is a DRY site (liquor license issues).

  • Leashed pets welcome, but OUTSIDE only.
  • Unfortunately, there are no showers on-site
  • Above-ground fires permitted

Activities: Food! Arts & Sciences, Merchants, Archery, Thrown Weapons, Fighting (space for Bardic if desired)

Event Steward:

  • Maistres Sofya la Rus (

Basic Schedule (full schedule TBD):

  • Friday afternoon – site opens for set-up and camping
  • Saturday 8 am – Breakfast Inn
  • 9 am – Troll/Gate opens
  • 10 am – most activities start
  • 11 am – Lunch Inn opens
  • 4 pm – A&S Competitions judged
  • 4:30 pm – final bids for Silent Auction
  • 5 pm – Court or at Their Majesties discretion
  • 7 pm – Feast, depending on court
  • Sunday morning – Brunch Inn, tear down/clean up


  • Inns (Breakfast and Lunch, menu below) HL Anastasia da Carrara and Ms Juliana Macnayre
  • Feast (Saturday evening, menu below) Ms Brigida von München
  • Off-site Food at the Gobbler’s Roost (open Fri/Sat evenings and Sunday brunch) –


  • Weaving demo/class
  • Heraldic Consult table
  • Pre-Print Painting Table
  • Games area/s – Goose, Shut-the-Box, Gluckshaus…
  • Competitions –
    • Largesse Derby – Every entrant makes at least 8 “identical” items of largesse. After judging, the winner gets one of every entry. Then every other entrant can pick a single entry to keep. And the Crown gets everything left over. Populace choice.
    • Non-alcoholic beverage competition (may have alcohol in the park next door). In honor of Thomas Macgregor and William Fletcher of Carbery.
    • Best Hat competition. Kingdom Tri-levels Criteria. In honor of Lady Jute Roose van der Brugge.
    • Fancy Bread competition. In honor of Master William Fletcher of Carbery.
  • In Charge: HL Anastasia da Carrara


  • Fundraiser/Silent Auction
  • Brighid’s Basket Barter
  • Chasing Squirrels – miscellaneous crafty things by Sheri of Coeur d’Ennui
  • Thistlewood Manor – wonderful soaps and more.

Archery & Thrown Weapons:

  • Friday Night Shoot
  • 9 am – Archery inspections
  • 9-12 and 1-4 – Throwing Range open.
  • All day Drop-in Thrown Weapons Tournament – Come throw axes, knives and spears during open times for score. Winner to be announced at court
  • 10 am – Advance and Retreat
  • 10:30 am – Quadrant Throw
  • 1 pm – William Tell Shoot
  • 2:30 pm – Medallion Ax Throw
  • 3 pm – 50-cent Shoot/Open range
  • Archery MIC: Lord Gobban MacRoibeard
  • Thrown Weapons: Lady Avelyn Carbery


  • Regional War Practice
  • 9 am inspections
  • 10 am melee
  • 11 am pickups
  • Rattan MIC: HL Visvamitra Vimala Yavana

Breakfast Inn Menu (subject to change)

  • Bacon, sausage, egg , cheese runzas (hopefully will have a GF option!)
  • Instant oatmeal packets
  • Clementines
  • Mini-quiches
  • Hard boiled eggs
  • Juice

Noon Inn Menu (subject to change)

  • Runzas: Beef and sauerkraut. Pizza. BBQ chicken. Mushroom and onion.
  • Soups: Beef,  barley and vegetable
  • Vegetable soup with rice noodles. (Vegan and gluten-free.)
  • Cheeses, including homemade cheese by Gida
  • Bread and crackers
  • Animal crackers and frosting

Available all day

  • Coffee. Lemonade. Water. Teas. Hot water will be available.

Feast Menu (tentative)

  • At table – cheese bruschetta, foccia with olive oil, garlic cheese tartlests, olives of many kinds
  • First Remove – cold sliced ham cooked in spiced wine, red/violet mustard, herbed tortellini, cucumber salad, enriched twisted bread, grapes
  • Second Remove – chicken roasted in spices with garlic walnut sauce, millet in a pan, broccoli
  • Third Remove – apple tarts, roasted almond with sugar/salt/pepper, pears and apples, slices of homemade cheese, candied orange peel and other comfits
  • Beverages – lemon-flavored sweet water, rose-flavored sweet water, etc.

Full Schedule (tentative):

TimeGeneralA&SArchery/Thrown WeaponsMartialate
Friday PMSet up, open for campingFriday Night Shoot
8 amBreakfast Inn
9 amTroll/Gate OpensArchery Inspections
Throwing range open
10 amAdvance & Retreat Shoot
10:30 Quadrant Throw
11 amLunch Inn
NoonLunch break
1 pmWilliam Tell Shoot
Open Throwing resumes
2 pmTroll/Gate Closes2:30 Medallion Axe Throw
3 pm50-cent/Open Shoot
4 pmFinal bids for Silent AuctionA&S Judging
5 pmCourt (or at TRM discretion)
7 pmFeast (or after court)
EveningPost-revel?Pizza ovens?Barditry in the park?Gobbler’s Roost?
Sunday AM
Brunch Inn
Tear down/clean up

Class/Demo Descriptions:

  • Heraldic Consult Table – research your new SCA name and design your coat of arms with “professional” assistance
  • Weaving Area Demo – HL Rebeca la Chienne – bringing her four-harness floor loom, and whatever other looms she can fit. “Folding your warp for double the width on a small loom.” The project will be in Plain Weave that, when done, will open like a book to be twice as wide.