2023 May Supplemental Business Meeting

24 May, First Methodist Church, Mason City, IA

Attending: William, Juliana, Sifrid, Sofya, Gida, Stasi,

Event Business:

Villa Frumentaria has found a site for their first event: the Palo Alto County Fairgrounds in Emmetsburg. The new prices total $800 b/c their renting different parts separately. We vote to approve the price and the 50% deposit.

Avelyn to make Troll official.

Gida to help with Heralds Point and Troll (?).

Sofya helping the event steward.

Simone is doing feast, so we will offer to do Friday night stones soup and maybe also Inn (Juliana).

May 2023 Business Meeting

10 May 2023, First Methodist Church, Mason City, IA

Attending: Nohahme, Avelyn, William, Juliana, Sifrid, Sofya, Torquil (Zoom), Jory (Zoom), Gobban, Gwyn, Gida, Stasi

Chatelaine: no demos.

Chronicler: no submissions, no newsletter

Exchequer: we have money.

Archery: we have bows and arrows. We had a nice little fighter practice last weekend. There is open shooting at the Waverly Archery Club on Saturday, if not going to Deodar’s event. Lots of thrown weapons at the event, but no archery.

Herald: nothing new for our group members. Gobban wants a badge. Villa Frumentaria’s name and device passed with the comment “nice cant” (cant = heraldic pun on a coat of arms).

Deputy Webminister: William got an email about renewing our domain name, but it’s from the kingdom web host. Sofya will investigate.

August Event Sponsorship: Torquil reports that the fair board met and their contact had their list of questions to ask, but they haven’t heard yet what was decided. The weekend is presumably available, otherwise the discussion wouldn’t have gotten this far. They will check on archery in city limits and let us know as soon as contracts need to be co-signed, and deposits need to be paid (also insurance certificates, Mews flyers). Loch Meadonach had events there, but no one here apparently went.

Sewing Party on May 20th: at the Park House in Mason City, lots of space, lots of outlets, pot luck snacking (Gida’s cheese, etc.), bring-your-own-beverage, crash space/camping space available.