March 2022 Business/A&S Meeting

Location: Zoom because of illness

Attending: Rune, Brigida, Sifrid, Sofya, Avelyn, Gobban, William, Juliana

New potential site -Antique Acres: $100 for Friday, $200 per day over the weekend, $100 cleaning deposit, nice free dumpster

The main building is roughly the size of the old green feast hall at the Fairgrounds, 60-75 seats. The kitchen area is great. There’s a “light” kitchen perfect for inn. Behind it is the “big” kitchen which has a huge commercial refrigerator, big stove, lots of stainless steel counters and sinks. Roasters, coffee makers, towels free to use. It has one stall each inside-handicap-accessible bathrooms. More bathrooms outside. No glitter allowed.

Unfortunately, this is the only fully enclosed building available. There is a small children’s toy storage/play area and a medium-sized open-sided picnic pavilion. Big camping area has electrical ($20/day) and tent sites ($10/day). Another big open area for fighting/archery/camping.


“Our” weekend is their power show, and then the weekends before and after are set-up and take-down.

Only first weekends of April and May is booked. All of June is booked. Only the middle weekend of July is booked. And August is the power show.

We note there is a rumor Melon Wars’ might be a challenge this year, so an emergency back-up event might be nice. So Gida will confirm if that weekend is free, and William will touch base with Flynthill’s seneschal to find out what we might be able to do to help.