Honorary and former Hillians…

Alaina Frantzin von Wurtenberg (Fides of Heraldshill, Elizabeth of Heraldshill) alaina@heraldshill.org
German/French – [SCA since 1987]
Interests: costuming, embroidery, illumination
Service: Exchequer, Autocrat, Herald, Minister of Children
Kestrel Page 1998-May-02
Queen’s Chalice 2000-Mar-04 (as Elizabeth of Heraldshill)
AoA-Simple 2004-Oct-30
Anna die Schatzin
(Anna von Berger) 
German – [SCA since 1997]
Interests: knitting, weaving, food
Service: Regional Exchequer, Exchequer, Minister of Children
AoA-Simple 1999-Oct-03 (as Anna von Berger)
AoA-Simple 2005-Sep-17
Torse 2007-Jul-21
Antonia Stefani (Link to external website.) antonia@heraldshill.org
Late 1500’s Venice, Italy – [SCA since 2002]
Interests: courtesans, embroidery especially blackwork, costuming, cooking
Service: A&S Minister, Seneschal, Feast Steward x many
Torse 2007-May-28 
Leather Mallet 2009-Aug-29 cooking
Golden Calon Swan 2012-May-05 costuming
Brand Wealh (Mathias Mathues)
Period: researching, name is Anglo-Saxon (PASE index) – [SCA since 1998]
Interests: archery, thrown weapons
Queen’s Chalice 2003-08-23 (as Mathias Mathues)
AoA-Simple 2007-07-21 (as Mathias Mathues)
Torse 2011-Sept-17 (as Branwell of Heraldshill)
Caillech Og inghean Padraig
13th cent Scottish – [SCA since 2005]
Interests: pen and ink drawing, flirtation, sweets, heavy combat 
Service: Shire Mascot
Catherine (Kethra)
Period: researching – [SCA since 1998]
Interests: reading, aquatic activities
Queen’s Chalice 2007-07-21
Period: Japanese – [SCA since 2007]
Interests: combat, chain mail weaving
Cristobel de los Lobos [sic]
Period: – [SCA since 1997]
Daicus Gethin (Collier)
Interests: herbalism, vintning, religion 
Duncan McTawisch
Scottish – [SCA since 1999]
Interests: blacksmithing
Service: Minister of A&S
AoA-Simple 2003-Aug-23
Eldric Trystam
12th century (so far) – [SCA since 2002]
Interests: hitting people with sticks, archery, armor smithing, blacksmithing, brewing, eating
Service: A&S Minister
AoA-Simple 2007-May-28
Emma Randall (Emma in draumspaka)
Interests: heraldry, costuming
Service: Herald
AoA-Simple 2001-Jan-27 [An Tir]
Goutte de Sang 2002-Jan-12 [An Tir]
Torse 2003-Aug-23
Esther bat Moshe
Period: late 1400s Persia/England – [SCA since ?]
Interests: Jewish hist, costuming, weaving, story-telling, singing, dyeing, costuming 
Service: Kingdom Chirurgeonx2, war chirurgeon, water-bearing, Herald, A&S Minister, Chronicler
AOA-Simple 1993-10-16 
Silver Hammer (Jewish History) 1997-07-12 
Torse 1999-03-20 
Cross of Calontir 2006-Aug-09 
Golden Calon Swan 2007-Jul-21 
Order of the Pelican 2014-Nov-15

Eva Wölfing
Period: Researching it. Name is 1495/1411 German – [SCA since 2009]
Interests: costuming, spinning, thrown weapons, archery, weaving
Gregorii Vladimir Borodinskii gregorii@heraldshill.org
Early period Russian – [SCA since 2008]
Interests: combat, blacksmithing, animal husbandry
Service: Fighter Marshal, cook’s assistant
AOA-Simple 2013-March-14 
Heinrich von Emden (Johan the Hunter)
German – [SCA since 1997]
Interests: archery, combat, wire weaving
Service: Lilies Sanitation, dumpster-diving
AoA-Simple 2011-Sept-17
Period – [SCA since rocks were soft]
Interests: merchanting, reading
Ian Johns of Logan 
Scottish – [SCA since 1994]
Interests: archery, blacksmithing, heavy combat, wood-working
Kestrel Page 1999-Apr
AoA-Simple 2005-Sep-24
Iames Levyngistoun
11th Century Viking/Scots – [SCA since 2005]
Interests: combat, chain mail weaving, brew-testing
AoA-Simple 2007-Jul-21
Period: researching (name is 1332 English) – [SCA since 2007]
Interests: astronomy, engineering, missile weapons
Johan Berger
(Johan von Berger)
13th Century German – [SCA since 1997]
Interests: combat, brewing, archery
Service: Fighter Marshal, Chirurgeon in Training, Seneschal
AoA-Simple 1999-Oct-03 
Torse 2003-Aug-23
Iren Fyrd 2013-Sep-21
Boga Fyrd 2015-Mar-20
John Kane of Kent 
Interests: heraldry
Service: Herald?
AoA-Simple 1987-Jul-04 [An Tir]
Goutte de Sang 2002-Jan-12 [An Tir]
Jorundr mjoksiglandi [name from Landnamabok]
Irish/Norse – [SCA since 2012]
Interests: leatherworking, blacksmithing
Josephina Roper 
[late period Spanish/English]
Period: researching it – [SCA since 2013]
Interests: working on it
Jürgan Fornough
Period: researching – [SCA since ?]
Interests: camping, drawing
Kirke Scarabe
Period: late period English (?) – [SCA since 2013]
Interests: chain mail
Marie (Tyler)
Period: researching – [SCA since 1998]
Interests: reading, aquatic activities
Queen’s Chalice 2007-07-21
Period: researching (name is English 1562) – [SCA since 2007]
Interests: drawing, astronomy, engineering, missile weapons
Natasiia Andreika Borislava (Nina)
Interests: beadwork
AoA-Simple 2000-Sep-30
Natasiia Khorokova (Rhiannon, Natasha)natasiia@heraldshill.org
Russian – [SCA since 2003]
Interests: fiber arts, ferrets
Service: Exchequer, Troll
AoA-Simple 2009-Aug-29 
Oddi ölfúss (Greg) oddi@heraldshill.org
Norse – [SCA since 1990]
Interests: combat, root beer.
Service: Deputy Minister of Youth
Kestrel Page 1998-May-02
Late period Scottish – [SCA since 2011]
Interests: costuming, cooking
Service: Inn
Padraig MacDomhnaill padraig@heraldhill.org
13th Century Scot – [SCA since 2005]
Interests: combat
Service: Youth Activities, Deputy Giggler
Awards: Shire Torch-shooter
Torse 2010-July-17
Parmen Volchkov parmen@heraldshill.org
13th Century Russian – [SCA since 2002]
Interests: combat
Service: Minister of Youth, Fighter Marshal, Autocrat x2
AoA-Simple 2004-Oct-23
Torse 2007-May-28 
Paul the Leather Guy
Period – [SCA since rocks were soft]
Interests: merchanting, leatherworking
Rebekah (Rachel)
Period: researching – [SCA since 2002]
Interests: garb, food, art, animals
Seraphima Iaroslava Suvorova
AOA-Simple 1996-08-03 
Torse 1997-12-20 
Golden Calon Swan 1998-05-02 
Cross of Calontir 1999-09-11 
Sheri of Coeur d’Ennui
Period: researching (name is likely later period English) – [SCA since 2007]
Interests: equestrian activities, aquatic activities
Service: Youth activities, Hall Steward
Simone de Mares (Sara Mardis) simone@heraldshill.org
Period: French – [SCA since 1998]
Interests: herbalism, spinning, cheesemaking, animal husbandry
AOA-Simple 2001-01-27 
Leather Mallet 2004-01-31 
Sina Volchkova
Period: Russian – [SCA since 2003]
Interests: animals
Sira Volchkova
Period: Russian – [SCA since 2003]
Interests: animals, archery
Theodora Smith 
[name late period English]
Period: researching it – [SCA since 2013]
Interests: costuming, arts, cooking and events.
Interests: combat.
Ulliam ap Gearoid mcDubhgain
Period: 11th Century Irish [SCA since 1998]
Interests: vintning and brewing
Service: co-founding/supporting the Broken Harp Tavern
AoA-Simple 2004-Aug-28
Uhtred Liverpul
Anglo-Saxon – [SCA since 2010]
Interests: carpentry, archery, combat
Service: Demos
Voshon Huniman (Voshon) voshon@heraldshill.org
Period: Scots/English – [SCA since 1998]
Interests: animal husbandry, bee keeping, carpentry, health and sobriety
AoA-Simple 2002-Aug-14 (as Voshon)
Interests: sewing, archery, combat and cooking, esp. open-fire cooking 
Wolfgang Schärlin
German – [SCA since 1997]
Interests: archery, animals
Service: Lilies Sanitation
AoA-Simple 2007-Jul-21
Torse 2011-Sept-17
Zack of Heraldshill
Period: researching it – [SCA since 2002]
Interests: archery, period camping, animals

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