June 2023 Business/A&S Meeting

28 June 2023, First Methodist Church, Mason City, IA

Attending: William, Juliana, Avelyn, Brigida, Sifrid, Sofya, Gobban, Stasi

Old Event Stuff: Juliana found the Shire’s old walkie talkies in their storage, so we vote to have Juliana make sure they’re functional and donate them to the Restore if they’ll take them.

Chateleine: hasn’t heard anything on National Night Out, and if it’s in the hockey arena again, its less-than-ideal.

A&S Minister: Stasi is taking the job back! She’d like to work on largesse projects at the meetings.

Lilies: weather was great, needing the cloaks a couple of nights! But two ice trucks died, so Paradise got some extra business.

New Event Stuff: Stasi got the feast gear loaned to Simone, including one coffee pot. We’ll need one for the inn. Juliana is working on runzas and will need extra freezer space. She also got the recipe for the pickled vegetables from Michael the Wanderer’s vigil (Gida volunteers to play with her vinegars to help). Stasi’s working on soups. Our crown is coming, and at least the Queen of Northshield is coming.