December 2021 Business Meeting

8 December, First United Methodist Church

Attending: William, Juliana, Berndt, Sifrid, Sofya, Tatiana, Randall, Avelyn, Gobban, Gwynn, Tiernen, Dara

Chatelaine: no new demos, no new members.

Chronicler: get me articles if you want a newsletter in January – photos, articles (and officers reports).

Herald: we have names and heraldry, working on CJ’s name, Brodhir Hertvigssen (or maybe another byname).

Archery; no new news, we’ve got bows and arrows.

Event Site; Juliana toured the possible site that Jute found by Floyd, but it’s “no alcohol” and we aren’t guaranteed the whole site to ourselves. And the handicap bathroom is the janitor’s closet. And they’re not sure they can let us cook with their permit. Otherwise, the site is great.

A&S Ideas: painting preprints, Cooking through History videos.