July 2019 Business Meeting Notes

Hy-Vee East Meeting Room
Business Meeting
10 July 2019

Attending:  William, Juliana, Avelyn, Tiernan, Jon, Tatiana, Sophie, Ben, Gwynhywvar, Stasi, Berndt, Sofya, Sifrid, Gobban, Jutte

Seneschal: Nothing


  • National Night Out is August 6th on Tuesday at the Fairground again.  Public at 5pm, so plan to start setting up around 4 pm.  We bring our own tables (shire tables are at the dacha).
  • She finally remembers to bring the receipt for the Hampton Demo book that we approved earlier this year.

MOY: Nothing new

Exchequer: The accounts are the same.

Fighter Marshal: position vacant

Archery Marshal: Nothing new. 

Chronicler: Taking submissions yesterday – article and photos, officer reports.

Herald: We have re-submissions sent in for William (being decided) and Stasi (in commentary at Laurel).

Web Minister:

  • Our web hosting and domain name both expire in September.  We have the options of:
  • moving hosting to the kingdom server ($0) vs
  • renewing current hosting service (~$120/yr)
  • If we move, we then have the option of:
  • switching to heraldshill.calontir.org as our domain name ($0)
  • keeping heraldshill.org (~$15-20/yr)
  • We vote to:  move to the kingdom server, keep heraldshill.org domain name
  • Finally, I’ve been fired along with all other group web ministers who have served more than 2 years (BOD fears people getting political and territorial).  Moving to the kingdom server means that site can be converted, somehow, to a WordPress site so next shire web minister won’t need to know HTML code.

A&S: July A&S meeting – Roman tunica class (male and female) – approx. 3 yds of linen.

Upcoming Events:

St. Augustine’s Un-Faire – Sofya

  • Info sent to the Mews.  Event web page made.  Sent to Kingdom Web Minister and will send to the Falcon Banner.  Make a Facebook event on our page/group.
  • Lunch – runzas, plus potluck for supper, leftover cannisters of lemonade, lingonberry concentrate.  Encourage feast gear (with backup paper products)
  • Supper – results of outdoor cooking, Stasi (roast, chicken a la Stasi, some veggie) and Juliana (pottage, fruit compote, other?) cooking outside for supper. 
  • Amon coming with 3 stations for lamp working stuff. 
  • Vincent – ring making, acid etching?
  • Leather molding?
  • Gida – cheese making?
  • Silk banner painting (Juliana to make sure the resist is okay)? 
  • Pre-print painting?  Fabric dying/printing?  Other?
  • Antonia? soap-making? naal binding?
  • Raise the Dragon!
  • Off-site archery Avelyn, William – 2 pm-ish carpool off-site at Lime Creek
  • Fighting can happen if people need to fight.
  • Same weekend as Mason City Pride – invite the Blue Feathers?
  • Free.  But will have Troll sign-in sheets for liability purpose. 
  • Donation jar for runzas, garbage, inn supplies.
  • Encourage to bring feast gear, camp chairs. 
  • MacNider Campground if want more facilities than a bare backyard.

October 2019 Business Meeting Notes

Hy-Vee East Meeting Room
Business Meeting
9 October 2019

Attending:  William, Juliana, Avelyn, Randall, Stasi, Berndt, Rune, Gobban, Gwyn, Tiernen, Sifrid, Sofya

Seneschal: Nothing new

Chatelaine: Nothing new.  No new demos.

MOY: Nothing new.

Exchequer: The accounts are the same, nothing new.

A&S: September A&S meeting – blade sharpening (bring your dull knives, and first aid kits)

Fighter Marshal: position vacant

Archery Marshal: Nothing new.

Chronicler: Next issue any day now…  (Unevent report)

Herald: We have a re-submission in for Stasi (in “being proofread” at Laurel).

Web Minister:

Our web hosting has transitioned to the kingdom hosting.  
The domain name has been renewed for 2 years. 
The Shire email forwarding is theoretically being managed by G-suite via the Kingdom.  The same email aliases should still work.  Let me know if any issues.
The webpage has been converted to a WordPress site that “anyone” can edit fairly easily
And I need a replacement…

Upcoming Events:

Feast of Fools Inn –
Stasi, assisted by Jutte, Gida, Sofya, Zina, Nonahme.  Free will donation.
Stasi says kitchen is smallish so not room to share with feast, limited fridge space, will set up a couple of tables to set out a prepping/serving area.
Runzas, a couple of soups (vegan squash, veggie soup with meat garnish), veggie/meat/cheese tray.  Gida to make shrewsbury cakes.  Jutte to make a couple of batches of cookies, boil some eggs.  Lemonade x 2 cannisters, ice/hot water, teas, hot cocoa, coffee.  Stasi and Gida bringing hot water carafes.   Jutte to bring her pump pots to cover while carafes heat.  Jutte and Gida to bring roasters.  Vincent also bringing his Keurig. 
Please bring equipment to the A&S meeting so Stasi can get it loaded up. 
Juliana will be occupied with her vigil.  She will make runzas (BBQ beef, pizza/taco, sauerkraut…?) ahead of time, though.
Sofya needs to check the cups, napkins and the trays.

Elevation of William and Juliana, Esther coordinating
Juliana making leather bookmark vigil tokens
Vigil – needs runzas.  Gida going to make pelican-stamped shortbread cookies.  Period gingerbread, Jutte to do viking flatbread.  Thomas to smoke some salmon.
Esther working on medallions for them.
Sewing – fabric for Juliana, someone to sew William’s cloak, fabric
Tatiana has sewn the sideless surcoat for Juliana, working on the gown.
They’re going to need benches/chests to sit instead of kneeling (Juliana pinning).
“Shoot at Will” in Middle English?

Gobban is looking at a church in Waverly, St. Paul’s, that might be a possibility for hosting a crown tourney so we agree to see what he’s got and maybe aim for a bid for Spring Crown 2021 (bids due spring 2020).  He’s looking at a cost of $600, dry site, indoor fighting.  Jutte says that the Floyd Community Center might also work, would be ~$500, outdoor fighting.