September 2019 Business Meeting Notes

Hy-Vee East Meeting Room

11 September 2019

Attending:  William, Juliana, Tatiana, Rune (Jon), Ben, Sophie, Brigida, Avelyn, Avelyn’s friend, Sifrid, Sofya, Jutte, Gobban, Gwyn, Tiernan, Nonahme

Seneschal: Nothing new

Chatelaine: Nothing new.

MOY: Nothing new.


  • The accounts are the same except…
  • Juliana turns in receipts for food from the Unfaire, book for the demo, silk painting dyes.
  • Sofya turns in receipt for renewing the Shire website domain name.


  • August A&S – the scroll covers were given to Crown and appreciated.
  • September A&S meeting – work on stuff for William and Juliana?

Fighter Marshal: position vacant

Archery Marshal: We had archery practice last weekend and it was fun.

Chronicler: Next issue in early October – please start sending stuff.  He has a couple of pictures for the Demo.


  • We have re-submission in for and Stasi (in being decided at Laurel).
  • William’s new device was registered in the June letter! This is the defining instance of a costrel in SCA heraldry.

Web Minister:

  • Our current web hosting expires on the 15th, transitioning to the kingdom hosting.   The switchover was going to happen last weekend, but the Kingdom Webminister was ill.  So we’ll try again this weekend.
  • The domain name has been renewed for 2 years. 
  • The webpage has been converted to a WordPress site that “anyone” can edit fairly easily
  • The Shire email forwarding will be managed by G-suite via the Kingdom, more details to come
  • And Sofya needs a replacement… we vote to have Rune take over as web minister with Sofya as his deputy.

Upcoming Events:

Wartburg College Demo – 2nd weekend in October, same weekend as Crown Tournament (the 10th) so we’ll pass this year, see if Deodar wants it

Feast of Fools Inn – Stasi, assisted by Jutte, Gida, Sofya, Zina, Nonahme.  Free will donation.

  • Stasi maybe going with Jutte to scope out the site on the 21st.
  • Runzas, a couple of soups, veggie/meat/cheese tray.  Gida to make shrewsbury cakes.  Jutte to make a couple of batches of cookies, boil some eggs.  Lemonade, ice/hot water, teas, hot cocoa, coffee.  Stasi and Gida bringing hot water carafes.
  • Juliana will be occupied with her vigil.  She will make runzas ahead of time, though.
  • Sofya needs to check the cups, napkins and the trays.

Elevation of William and Juliana, Esther coordinating

  • Juliana making leather bookmark vigil tokens
  • Vigil – needs runzas.  Gida going to make pelican-stamped shortbread cookies.  Period gingerbread, Jutte to do viking flatbread.
  • Esther working on medallions for them.
  • Sewing – fabric for Juliana, someone to sew William’s cloak, fabric
  • Tatiana to sew a sideless surcoat for Juliana.
  • They’re going to need benches to sit instead of kneeling (Juliana pinning).

Gobban is looking at a church in Waverly, St. Paul’s, that might be a possibility for hosting a crown tourney so we agree to see what he’s got and maybe aim for a bid for Spring Crown 2021 (bids due spring 2020).  He’s looking at a cost of $600, dry site, indoor fighting.  Jutte says that the Floyd Community Center might also work, would be ~$500, outdoor fighting.