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Resources and Information for Newcomers to the SCA 
On-line SCA Demo 
An Inquisitive Monkey At West Kingdom Court: Things To Do At Your First Event. – a very cute introduction. [Warning: External site.]

Shire History
Some Notes Regarding Calontir 
The Royal Line of Calontir 01/16/2011
Rank and Regalia in Calontir
Awards of Calontir [Warning: External site.]

Choosing a Society Name: Hints for Newcomers. [Warning: External site.]
Medieval Names Archive [Warning: External site.] 
A Heraldic Primer

Links for recent/upcoming A&S Meeting topics Updated 10/1/07

The Unofficial Calontiri Wiki [Warning: External site.] 
Fiber Arts Links

Stephan’s Florilegium Archives – search for information on almost any topic [Warning: External site.]

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