October 2022 Business Meeting

12 October 2022, First Methodist Church, Mason City, IA

Attending in Person: Juliana, Sifrid, Sofya, Gwyn, Gobban, TT. Virtually: William, Torquil, Jory, Camden, Ronin.

Chatelaine: There isn’t much for demos. She’s going to see if Hampton wants to get demos going again. We have a new member at the meeting tonight.

Chronicler: He didn’t get any articles for the Parade, so he’ll take what he can get when he gets it.

Archery Marshall: we have bows and arrows. William will start thinking about the annual indoor archery shoot.

Exchequer: resting at home after flu shot.

Herald: Villa Frumentaria submitted a bunch of stuff at Coronation.

Webminister: seneschal has been bothered about the quarterly reports that we didn’t know we were supposed to be doing. Nor reporting to the Kingdom Social Media Officer.

Old business: none.

A&S Meeting: Juliana has an interesting leather pouch pattern we can start on and finish them at home. And we can watch a video on Richard III or Jacobean farming (Tales from the Green Valley) while we work.

2023 Event Dates: Grafton is free from 25-27 (against Cattle Raids). And we can book our usual dates for 2024 right now. We don’t know if it would be available on Melon Wars weekend or if that weekend is free.

We discuss with the Villa Frumentaria group options for a new interkingdom Armageddon-style event in the spring.

We also discuss demos and getting the Le Grand Tente area going again to fill that gap in the state. Jory says she is bored and wants to set up demos.