October 2023 Business Meeting

11 October 2023, First Methodist Church, Mason City, IA

Attending: William, Juliana, Gida, Berndt, Sifrid, Sofya, Stasi, Gwyn, Gobban.

Chateleine: no new demos, waiting to hear from the Kingdom Chateleine.

Minister of Youth: finally got the paperwork to renew her background check sent it.

Arts & Sciences: she heard back from the new royal chamberlain. They are looking for thank-you cards. So Stasi has some blank cards/envelopes and is going to print out some royal images to paste on. We vote to reimburse her for reasonable expenses. Bring papercutters, other such supplies. She says they also requested craft starter kits, trim, needle books, cording, soaps, children’s largesse (tic-tac-toe/game bags, baby dragons, coloring half-sheets, puzzles, finger/stick puppets, pony bead/cord kits), sewing weights for patterns. Gida wonders about bookmarks, blank borders. Double seal anything food or fragrant. Stasi is going to try to get to Kingdom A&S so we should get her anything we’ve already made to send with her to that.

Chronicler: if enough articles, will publish.

Herald: we have names and devices and badges. Somebody needs an heraldic title, probably a German locative.

Archery: nothing new. We apparently have a new marshal report system, which is being a challenge. His email isn’t being recognized.

Social Media Officer: someone claiming to the Kingdom Social Media Officer asked to join our FB group which was approved, but then demanded admin priviledges on Facebook. We are concerned and think the request needs to come through official channels.