August 2021 Business Meeting Notes

11 August, Methodist Church

Attending: William, Juliana, Gutorn/William, Cassi, Henry, Rune, Tatiana, Sifrid, Sofya, Brigida, Branwell (Gida’s page), Gobban, Gwynhwyvar.

We have a lovely new room/site to meet. For free! Thanks to Rune.

Webminister: We have a webpage and he will make updates as needed. Current Shire forwarding emails are going away, and all officers will be required to transition to Google accounts and they discourage email forwarding for security reasons.

Archery: We have bows. We have arrows. We have targets. We have axes and knives.

MOY: Needs to update her background check. Now that we have some children.

Chatelaine: we had a nice handful of people for National Night Out. Vincent from Axed Root come up with his stuff. There was one teenage girl who was really interested, but we’ll see. We were lacking in space for fighting in the new site. Displays and attendance were down from years past, esp. since it was opposite the fair.

Chronicler: we will have newsletter someday. He needs photos and articles from National Night Out, etc.

Herald: we have names and coats of arms. We have nothing in the submission pipeline, but we can always do heraldic wills and such.

The Unfaire:

We’ll be cooking over campfires, sharing food. We’ll have games: Kubb, Goose, Shut the Box…

Stasi is looking at recipes and making plans.

Potluck noon inn, then cooking demo/sampling/grazing supper. Juliana is bringing her A-frame, some runzas. Brigida is bringing cheese. Stasi has lingonberry juice.

Cooks have to be masked and gloved, portioning with avoidance of shared touching.

Planning to go to Lime Creek archery range in the early afternoon – 1:30 or 2 pm. Gobban to bring some 3D targets, etc.

We may need to go through/replenish Inn supplies. We vote to reimburse Juliana and Stasi for reasonable food/supply expenses.