St. Augustine’s Faire 2022

St. Expeditus, patron saint of emergencies and expeditious solutions

The Search for St. Expeditus

August 19-21

Grafton Community Center, 202 6th Street, Grafton, IA

  • WARNING: some GPS are routing people from the east through St. Ansgar which is a little out of the way.


  • Adult Site Fee: $15
  • Adult Member Discount: $10
  • Children 6-17: $5 (younger children free)
  • Merchants: no additional fee (bring own tables only if outside)
  • Tent Camping – free (Friday night through Sunday morning)
  • Electrical Camping $15/night (all sites claimed)
  • Cash or checks, no credit cards

Calontir Covid Event Attendance Guidelines

This is a DRY site. NO fish products, please. (We don’t want Her Majesty to get a tour of the local ER.)

  • Leashed pets welcome, but OUTSIDE only.
  • Unfortunately, there are no showers on-site


  • Inns (Breakfast and Lunch, menu below)
  • Off-site Food at the Gobbler’s Roost (open Fri/Sat evenings and Sunday brunch) –

Archery, Thrown Weapons, Fighting, Bardic?

  • Martial MIC: HE Magnus Anskegg
  • Archery MIC: Lord Gobban MacRoibeard
  • Thrown Weapons: Lady Avelyn Carbery


  • Bow-making Display/Discussion
  • Glass Bead-making – CANCELLED
  • Weaving demo
  • Heraldic Consult table
  • Hand Sewing Class (see full schedule below)
  • Leather Mug Class
  • Magic Neckline Class
  • Viking Apron Dress Class with bonus neckline handout/class in the gym
  • Games area/s – Goose, Shut-the-Box, Gluckshaus…
  • Competitions –
    • St. Expeditus in any medium – St. Expeditus was a ROMAN CENTURIAN in ARMENIA who was famous for stomping on the DEVIL in the form of a CROW (or a SNAKE) for suggesting he delay his conversion to Christianity. He is the patron saint of EMERGENCIES, expeditious SOLUTIONS, against PROCRASTINATION, MERCHANTS, REVOLUTIONARIES (now we’ll have none of that), and NAVIGATORS. Judging loosely based on the Kingdom A&S Judging Criteria.
    • Largesse Derby – Every entrant makes at least 3 “identical” items of largesse. After judging, the winner gets one of every entry. Each person who enters can pick one other entry to take home. And the Crown gets everything left over. Populace (or Crown) choice.


  • Chasing Squirrels – miscellaneous crafty things and wooden feast gear.
  • Thistlewood Manor Soap – no table set up, but Antonia Stefani will have some of her homemade soap with her –

Event Stewards:

  • Master William Fletcher of Carbery ( and
  • Mistress Sofya la Rus (

Basic Schedule (full schedule below):

  • Friday afternoon – site opens for set-up and camping
  • Saturday 8 am – Breakfast Inn
  • 9 am – Troll/Gate opens
  • 10 am – most activities start
  • 11 am – Lunch Inn opens
  • 4 pm – A&S Competitions judged
  • 5 pm – Court or at Their Majesties discretion
  • Supper/post-revel TBD – options include on-site pizza ovens, firepit in the park across the street, Gobblers Roost restaurant a couple of blocks away
  • Sunday morning – Brunch Inn, tear down/clean up

Breakfast Inn

  • Bacon, sausage, egg , cheese runzas
  • Instant oatmeal packets
  • Clementines
  • Hard boiled eggs
  • Juice

Noon Inn

  • Runzas: Beef and sauerkraut. Pizza. BBQ chicken. Mushroom and onion.
  • Soups: Beef,  barley and vegetable
  • Vegetable soup with rice noodles. (Vegan and gluten-free.)
  • Cheeses, including homemade cheese by Gida
  • Bread and crackers
  • Animal crackers and frosting

Available all day

  • Coffee. Lemonade. Water. Teas. Hot water will be available.

Full Schedule (class descriptions below):

TimeGeneralA&SArchery/Thrown WeaponsMartialate
Friday PMSet up, open for camping
8 amBreakfast Inn
9 amTroll/Gate OpensHeralds PointInspections/Warm upsInspections/Pick ups
10 amLeather Mug ClassString ShootTournament TBD
11 amLunch InnRubberband Throw (Axes)
1 pmViking Apron DressArchers Luck ShootTournament TBD
2 pmTroll/Gate ClosesNeckline PatternBroken Medals Throw (Axes)
3 pmHand Sewing Class
Bowmaking Discussion - 3:30
Knock-down Tournament ShootTournament TBD
4 pmA&S Judging
5 pmCourt (or at TRM discretion)
EveningPost-revel?Pizza ovens?Hot dogs in the park?Gobbler's Roost?
Sunday AM
Brunch Inn
Tear down/clean up

Archery & Thrown Weapons:

  • String Shoot 10 am, Archers Luck Shoot 1 pm, Knock down tournament 3 pm. Open range time between shoots.
  • Rubberband Throw at 11 am and Broken Medals Throw at 2. Axes for both. Open throwing the rest of the time. Loaner gear available.

Class/Demo Descriptions:

  • Bow-making Display/Discussion – Master William Fletcher of Carbery – Archers, if you ever wondered what it takes to make one of the bows I give away at Lilies, check out a table covered with bows and parts of bows. Also some of the hand tools and most importantly clamps (Master Dammo claims you can never have too many). I will try to be there around 3:30 pm to answer your questions.
  • Glass Shelter Demo – CANCELLED.
  • Hand Sewing Class – Lady Anastasia da Carara – Learn basic hand sewing stitches and techniques while making a needle case, plus a collection of garb-related class notes to peruse.
  • Heraldic Consult Table – Mistress Dorcas Whitecap, et al – research your new SCA name and design your coat of arms with “professional” assistance
  • Leather Mug Class – HL Hans Nieman – How to Make a Cool Leather Mug. In this class we will go over the basic tools and instructions for you to make your own “cool” historically sympathetic leather mug all your very own. This class is NOT a physical construction class but simply an overview of tools, constructions and the technique needed to make the mug.
  • Magical Neckline Class – HE Marjory de Warenne – Gana’s Magical Neckline Class. In this class you will receive a neckline pattern that is almost fool proof and good for many neckline types and shapes. We will go over construction and ways to modify the pattern. (Only 10 patterns available at the class)
  • Weaving Area Demo – HL Rebeca la Chienne – In addition to my four-harness floor loom, I will have a couple of pre-warped inkle looms, a small 2-harness table loom, a pre-warped tablet weaving loom, and an UN-warped tablet loom. I will also have a number of lucets – a couple large, but mostly small – for those who need something to do with their itchy fingers!
  • Viking Apron Dress Class – HE Marjory de Warenne – Easy Construction of a Historically Sympathetic Viking Apron Dress for All. In this class we will go over a somewhat simple way to sew an apron dress that is historically sympathetic and easy to construct as well as flattering on many body types. We will get the measurements needed and go over basic construction. Students will walk away with measurements for their own dress as well as a diagram and instructions.