August 2022 A&S/Event Wrap-up

August 24th, First Methodist Church/Zoom

Attending: William, Juliana, Avelyn, Jory, Hans, Sofya, Gobban, Gwyn

Gate: 66 people total. 57 adults (41 members, 16 nonmembers), 2 free royals, 3 paying children, 4 free children.

Total Fees: $1,024. Costs: $691. Profit: $332.93

Inn: very few leftovers, only about a dozen runzas (originally 15 dozen), mini breakfast quiches went over well.

Next Year:

  • Event Steward: Sofya?
  • Troll: Esther.
  • Feast: Gida.
  • Inn: Stasi/Juliana
  • Community Room: Inn?/Feast/Meeting Room
  • Principal’s Office: Royal Bedroom, Mini-Privy Chaber

August 2022 Business Meeting

August 10th at First Methodist Church, Mason City, IA

Attending: Willliam, Gobban, Sifrid, Juliana, Avelyn, Gwynhwyvar, Sofya; remotely Jory, David, Rune, Tatiana

Event Planning:

Helpers from NW Contact group for inn, troll, assistant marshals – William to coordinate.

Start showing up to set up noon-ish on Friday, depending on how much stuff your area has to set up.

Need about $200 in seed money. Cash or check only. No credit cards.

Remember, no fish. Link to covid-safe policy.

A&S Demo tables, classes?

Games area inside, Goose outside (print instructions, Noname?)

Post-revel – pizza ovens? hot dogs in the park? Gobblers roost?

Judging plans on the webpage.

Recruit workers for Heralds Point. Gida to be court herald if needed.